Souled Out Sunday: My Boo

During my middle and high school years, I grew up in a place where there was no Hip Hop/R&B station. The best we had was a station that played Top 40 hits, basically all commercial pop stuff. So when I would take my yearly visits back to the Bay Area it was common for me to buy 10 blank cassettes and record all of the remixes, new songs, and late night DJ mixes I could so I could bring them back home and let all my friends borrow them and record them because like me, they were all from the Bay Area and in the same boat as I was and were also starving for music. And when another one of us would take a trip down there, we would just repeat the process.

This was my gem of 1996. I took a trip to San Jose for a few weeks back during my summer vacation. I remember hearing this song during the middle of it and freaked out! I was like: “I’m not going back without this.” I ran to my younger cousins I was staying with asked them who it was, they didn’t know. They were younger than I was so I gave them an order to stay by the radio and tell me when it came on and also to find out who was singing it. After a few hours of them staying by the radio(each of them at different parts of the house tuned to two different urban stations), and me spending those two hours playing their Super Nintendo, one of them ran to me and found out the name of the song and who sang it(“My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s) and not but a few minutes later the other runs to me and tells me she caught it and pressed record on the tape player.

It came out a few months later on the So So Def Bass All Stars Vol. 1 compilation. You know, the one with the ugly ass neon green cover. With the exception of “My Boo”, the CD itself sucked but back then buying CD’s for one song was common. What’s retarded was on the strength on that one song, I gave So So Def Bass All Stars Vol. 2 a shot. You know, the one with the ugly ass neon orange color. Bought it thinking there might be a song like “My Boo” on it and “Apple Pie” by Virgo kinda came close…kinda…..not really. But this version actually had better songs on it than Vol. 1 did.


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5 Responses to “Souled Out Sunday: My Boo”

  1. Ghetto D Says:

    Great story. That song was just a monster that summer. I think I have it on 5 different pause tapes I made that summer.( You weren’t the only one recording song off the radio) And one of my favorite Lil Jon beats, his first published beat if I remeber right.

    But those SO SO Def All-stars cds were great for parties. They still play Summertime,Summertime off vol. 2 whenever school ends down here. I guess you had to live where Bass music was part of culture to really enjoy them.

  2. Jero Says:

    Wow, you said “pause tapes”. That gets alot of respect in my book. Yeah they were good at parties but I hardly ever went out of my way to listen to one the whole way through just to listen and appreciate the music. Maybe back in my middle school days when I would borrow my friends DJ Magic Mike tapes.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I have been searching all over for that So So Def Bass Allstars cd,… the original one. There are two songs that I cannot think of, at all, but I remember them somewhere… way in the back of my mind. One song was a rap. I want to say it was by the 69 boys, about a challenge to play basketball, the other… I can’t think of except to say there was a female rapper in it talking about peas (I think)

    The album I have been able to find that claims to be the first album does NOT have the original art on it, and the two songs I’m looking for are nowhere to be found.

    Do you have any ideas where I might be able to find the REAL vol. 1?

    My work email is Personal is
    I appreciate your help. Thanks.

  4. Jero Says:


    You can get the first So So Def Bass All Stars CD pretty much anywhere. Both iTunes and Amazon have them. It wouldn’t surprise me if stores still carried them. So So Def gets pretty good distribution.

    And about that 69 Boys song, I don’t know of one of their songs being about basketball. I don’t think there were any females in the 69 Boys(hence the name). And plus they weren’t featured on any So So Def Bass All Star CD. The descriptions you gave don’t ring any bells with me. Sorry. Good luck finding them.

  5. Jero Says:

    After some minutes of research, my educated guesses are:

    “Hoop All In Your Face” by the 69 Boyz


    “Keep On Keeping On” by MC Lyte

    Both of which are not on So So Def Bass All Stars but on the Sunset Park soundtrack. I sure these are it.

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