What’s Good? Kuala Lampur Grand Opening

Dope Distribution posted a video on the KL Grand Opening What’s Good? store. I love the Know1edge x What’s Good? tees and jeans designed by Bad Boy Ben with the fresh monogramme print.

Oh and I suggest to stop watching around the 2:30 mark unless you want to be exposed to some hardcore fierce asian rapping son! I don’t know who these cats are but they seem to have a guy that can rap in English ala Verbal. I wanna see these guys and the Teriyaki Boyz in a knife fight. A lyrical knife fight that is with words…then maybe a real one, with real knives. It would be funny cause neither crew will know what the other is saying so when one crew gets done rhyming in their respective language, they can then have their translators translate all of the disses. Oh yeah, apparently Jin is down with the crew and rhymes at the end of the video.


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