Making Music With John Mayer

John Mayer is not only one of my favorite musicians but he’s also pretty damn funny. I’ve seen a quick video of him doing stand up and he wasn’t all that bad. Just him getting up there and trying his hand at it gets my respect. The video with him and Kanye working on “Bittersweet” and his 2 Girls 1 Cup parody are hilarious and this one is no exception.

It isn’t enough that this guy bangs hot chicks, has a blog* on Honeyee and can write, sing and perform great music, but now it turns out he’s actually pretty good at comedy too? Man, fuck him.

I also like that he’s wearing a pair of Infared Air Max 90’s in the video. One of my favorite sneakers of all time.

* His latest post on attempting and maintaining a 80’s style feathered haircut is classic.


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