Everybody Nose Remix

I wonder who was on production duties on this remix? I can’t pinpoint it. Doesn’t sound like Ye, I can hear traces of Timbo and The Neptunes though. I don’t know. I like this remix just because I’m fiending for anything CRS related. Pusha T’s flow is very fresh.

“Everybody Nose” (Remix) by N.E.R.D. Feat. Kanye, Lupe + Pusha T:


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4 Responses to “Everybody Nose Remix”

  1. frankie5.0 Says:

    duuude how did you get the mp3??

    I’ve been looking for it like crazyy

  2. Jero Says:

    I first heard it through Kanye’s blog that morning getting off work. By the end of the day it was everywhere.

  3. wrinkle Says:

    Sounds like diplo

  4. Jero Says:

    I know OF Diplo but heard very little of his(or their) music.

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