Bake Sale Today

The Cool Kids have finally released Bake Sale so support the Kids and pick it up. I really don’t need to go too in depth with this review. It’s only the EP. Still banging though.

“What Up Man”: How bananas is this song? They should make a whole album where the sound is actually said while it hits.
“One Two”: How ill is that seal yelp? Doesn’t that shit just make this song that much iller?
“Mikey Rocks”: This beat is so fucking dirty ass retarded. Dare you to stop from nodding your head to it.They shouldn’t play this song in the vicinity of people with broken necks.
“88”: This song makes me want to go to my parents house and rummage through all of my old clothes and wear them. I’d rock a Body Glove shirt, my purple Cross Colour pants and my British Knights sneakers. The same ones I saw this kid on Double Dare wear. To round out my outfit I’d wear my snap bracelet. All of this while practicing the Roger Rabbit in the mirror.
“What It Is”: Let’s speed it up a bit.
“Black Mags”: Super tight pants are the next shit.
“A Little Bit Cooler”: Freeeeesssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
“Gold And A Pager”: Gold is the new silver fam.
“Bassment Party”: “Rappers need to ryhme over electro beats more often.
“Jingling”: Dope.

So far my favorite Hip Hop album released this year.


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2 Responses to “Bake Sale Today”

  1. frankie5.0 Says:

    Did you buy it off of itunes?

    I read on blog after blog that it was going to be a 19 track full length but itunes is basically selling the ‘totally flossed out’ Ep with a couple extra tracks…I’m a little let down.

  2. Jero Says:

    Yeah iTunes. I don’t even know of this is in stores. I love this EP if it indeed is one. The whole album should be good, but I love the short tracklist on this. I always hear albums that have 20 songs on them which are good but could be much better than they already are if they just trim the fat from it.

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