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June 20, 2008

One of the main reasons why I love 9th Wonder is that he does whole albums with rappers. I wish more Hip Hop artists dedicated one album to one producer. I like the cohesiveness of these kinds of projects as it makes for a more streamlined sound and vision. This time, 9th is joining forces with Jean Grae Wondertwins style and turning into the album Jeanuis.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is their recreation of classic Hip Hop album covers. The one that didn’t turn out so well was Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Everything else is spot on, my favorites being the Black Sheep and Das EFX album covers.


Answer Me

June 18, 2008

Ever hear a song and love it the first time you hear it? Okay. How about hear it months later and completely loving it more than you previously did? This, for me is one of those songs. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings are arguably one of my favorite bands of all time. Only three albums deep and they seem to have captured a sound in soul not seen since the late 60’s/mid 70’s. The key seems to be not only their strict use of instruments and analogue recording equipment from the 70’s, but also their natural understanding of music from that era of funk/soul. I had no idea it was Sharon herself playing the piano on this! One of my favorite songs. No other band cooler than the Dap-Kings. Quote me on that.

Barack Obama

June 5, 2008

I’m officially announcing ALSD’s support for Barack Obama.

Sure he cites the usual suspects. Jay-Z and Kanye seem like the obvious “politician” answer but this man could be our next president. I never thought that in my life we would see a potential candidate for presidency of the United States of America listen to Hip Hop. That’s worlds colliding at the highest level. Now if he had said he listened to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and/or Hell Hath No Fury, I would be out campaigning right now.

I voted in the last two elections and lost both times. Let’s hope that the third times a charm.

Random Thought: Silver Lining

June 4, 2008

Everytime the thought of the 1994 Street Fighter live action movie crosses my mind, I can’t help but shudder in fright. Sometimes the attacks gets so bad, I find myself curled up in the corner in a fetal position covering my ears screaming. Quite possibly THE game of my youth, ruined in a 104 minute epic of shit. Fortunately, I’m much older now and have grown a tougher skin and have come to expect the eventuality of some of my favorite childhood intellectual properties getting the Hollywood treatment.

What the 94′ Street Fighter movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme has taught me is to look at the bright side of things. To recognize the poistive, not the negative, in essence to see the silver lining. I mean, at the very least I got to see real life manifestations(albiet shitty) of beloved characters.  So as god awful as the new Street Fighter movie(I’m sure) WILL be, I have to admit…it can’t be all bad.

Now all they have to do is recreate the famous scene from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie where Chun Li fights Vega shot for shot. Shot…for…shot.

Mmmmmm, dirty Chun Li.

Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 2

June 3, 2008

Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 2 is upon us folks. More fresh music and more hilarity with DJ Brainchild and Phonte. Taking a quick look over the playlist, it seems they’re continuing on with bringing different things to the table. Some Tony! Toni! Tone!, some Pharcyde mixed with some Crucial Conflict and some Kool & The Gang for good measure. Enjoy.

Here’s the complete playlist:

“I Couldn’t Keep It To Myself” by Tony! Toni! Tone!
“We” by A Race of Angels
“Sex God” Feat. some nigga(DJ Spinna Remix) by Brand New Heavies
“Refreshin’” by Smoke E Digglera
“Believe” by Afta-1
“Aaragon” by Samon Kawamura
“Planetary Picknick” by Comfort Fit
“Robin Hood Theory” by Declaime and Georgia Anne Muldrow
“Stop My Way” Feat. Mic of the Legendary K.O. by Nicolay and Kay
“A Matter of Fact” by Giovanca
“Before” Feat. Clara Hill by Atjazz
“Red Carpet” by R. Kelly
“The Questions” by Common
“Work It Out” by Q-Tip
“So Good” Feat. Common (Instrumental) by Skillz
“So Good” (feat. Kev Brown) (Instrumental) by D. Huston
“Somethin That Means Somethin” (Instrumental) by The Pharcyde
“Glowing” by Pete Rock
“Fat Asia” by Waajeed
“I Like To Trick” by Ray-J
“Got Me Hooked” by 1 O.A.K. and Trackademicks
“Hay” by Crucial Conflict
“You Don’ Have To Change” by Kool and The Gang
“Yes To The Lord” by The Stovall Sisters

Get Gordon Gartrell Radio Episode 2 here.

Rumblfish Muxtape Vol. 2: AM Golden Shower

June 1, 2008

New month means new Rumblfish Muxtape. Recently I’ve been listening to alot of great songs that you would hear if you remember those TV commercials back in the day selling those easy listening CD compilations. You know, stuff you would hear on the AM side of the radio. Some really good stuff here, I tried to keep all of the songs similar in vibe but a few on this playlist I threw in there for good measure and to simply round out the mix. See if you can spot the one or two songs that don’t completely flow with the rest. Until next month folks. Enjoy.

Rumblfish Muxtape Vol. 2: AM Golden Shower

Favorite my Muxtape is you wish and if you also have one, please feel free to post it in comments.