Don’t Stop Baby, Don’t Stop Me

Can it be? Has dancing come back to Hip Hop?! If it has all I have to say is, it’s about damn time.

You know what I love about this song? Andre 3000 and the fantastic 80’s sounding track provided courtesy of Sa-Ra. It’s just too bad Fonzworth is on it. Yeah I understand it’s his song. He just sounds so elementary on this track and having him rhyme AFTER Dre just accentuates that fact even more. You know what? It doesn’t even matter what order they rhyme in, Fonzworth is always gonna sound like he’s rhyming sitting a wheel chair, wearing a helmet from the inside of a short bus while Andre 3000 is off, deep into hyperspace rhyming to aliens and conquering galaxies with his superior lyrics.

Did I mention how dope this Sa-Ra track is? Oh, I did already? Okay.

Nothing annoys me more than Youtube videos that don’t synch up. Ugh, horrible. I’ll post a better one when one becomes available.


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