“Metroidvania” is a term I feel more gamers should be aware of. Here Jeremy Parish, Scott Sharkey and Chris Kohler of 1up and Retronauts fame discuss a sub genre that is pretty much obsolete in our current state of gaming. “Metroidvania” is basically a free roaming, back tracking 2D game where your exploration relied on obtaining certain items which allowed you to continue to unlock and explore new areas. What’s funny is that the first Castlevania had definite level divisions with no back tracking whatsoever. That’s easily overlooked considering Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is probably THE pinnacle of all 2D “Metroidvania” games. It’s the gold standard in which all other games in this odd sub genre are compared to.

A totally interesting yet completely hilarious podcast. It made me realize how important and revolutionary both the Metroid and Castlevania series are and have a new found appreciation for them.

You know, I kinda like the term “Castleroid”.

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2 Responses to “Metroidvania”

  1. eccoboy Says:

    Symphony is one of the greatest games. The new DS castle games can’t even compare, unfortunately. And the 3d ps2 games are good, but Symphony is still on another level. I can’t say the same about metroid because for some reason I have never liked any metroid including the original and the ground breaking snes game. As for the FPS metroids I would wipe my anus with them if I it wouldn’t hurt so bad. I’ll never understand why everyone loves those games, along with smash bros (which I will refrain from talking about any further).

  2. Jero Says:

    I enjoyed the first FPS Metroid, I didn’t love it like some people do. Why did you just bring up Smash Bros? Haha, that game is not even worth mentioning.

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