Releasing My Persona

With the announcement of Persona 4’s North American release date(12/9/08), it has me contemplating if I should first tackle P3: FES before I dive into this next chapter in the series. I’ve spent so much time going back and fourth whether or not to play it that it’s gotten to the point where maybe I need to just pony up and track down a copy to see if it’s worthy of my time. Or maybe not.

The high school simulator is what’s drawing me most to this game. Cause really, in this day in age that’s what games need more of, some good ol’ relationship development mechanics! To be honest if it wasn’t for this aspect of gameplay(and the art design), I wouldn’t be too interested in this title. I’d have passed it off as another 60+ hour grind fest. Maybe I need to just learn Japanese and play me some Tokimeki Memorial for some high school simulating goodness.

Hmmm, spending time cultivating electronic relationships rather than keep up actual ones based in reality. There’s something wrong about that. On second thought, I think I’ll pass on P4.


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2 Responses to “Releasing My Persona”

  1. eccoboy Says:

    I still recommend P3. The character relationship aspect is great, the music is cool, the art is slick. My only issue is that all the battles are in randomly generated “dungeons” that lack any creativity or artistic value along with enemies that share the same qualities (or lack of). Just get it before it’s gone and on ebay for $100. And I’ve decided that electronic relationships are perfectly acceptable. Who needs real ones?

  2. Jero Says:

    I’m reserving RPG time for Chrono Trigger DS and that only. And fighting in the same dungeon over and over doesn’t appeal to me.

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