Magic by Robin Thicke

I was driving in my car and had it tuned to the local oldies(of the Soul and R&B variety) station and heard this song and completely flipped out. I had to find out who sang it. I wished really, really hard that the DJ’s would say who it was when the song ended but to no avail. I had to resort to memorizing a few lines of the chorus and try my luck online. Through some very basic googlekata(or google-fu?) and not much time at all, I found out the song was “Magic” by Robin Thicke. Man who would’ve thought that Alan Thickes son would be an R&B singer who could’ve doubled for a younger Pierce Brosnan?

I like Robin Thicke over Pharrell but I think type of beat fits him much better. As far as soul singing white boys go, Robin Thicke is definitely making his way up that ladder. I don’t think he’s quite at Jon B’s level yet but he easily surpasses Justin Timberlake in my eyes. Oh and I haven’t done any sort of research on it but I’m gonna take a guess that this song samples Curtis Mayfield. The horns sound very Mayfield-esque. Can anyone confirm?


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