My Free Hundreds Shirt

So last night I was playing pool with a friend of mine. Many games were played, challenges issued, bets won, bets lost and as a result, through all of the competitive and fierce battling I actually won myself a free Hundreds shirt. So this post is just a helpful guide to aid her in picking one out. In her defense she managed to win a Tens shirt out of me…and by “win” I mean me scratching the 8-ball on my own turn. Which I’m guessing made that victory all that more sweet for her. Oh why do the Pool Gods torture me so? Damn you Pool Gods! Damn you! *shakes fist at the air*

Any of these will do nicely.

PS: Congratulations Pang.

Pics courtesy of DG.


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2 Responses to “My Free Hundreds Shirt”

  1. JSHAW Says:

    I’m really digging these new Hundreds designs. I really like the originality of the first black shirt…

  2. Jero Says:

    I like these shirt designs much better than last seasons. Yeah that black one is my favorite of the bunch with the purple Apple one at a close second. I think these become available online in a few days.

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