Good Morning by Kanye West

This just proves that Kanye is quite literally in a league all his own. It’s not often you get an artist so popular they warrant 7 videos from one album but apparently Kanye is one of those people. This video was finally released in its entirety on Youtube so people are citing it as his latest video but I’m not sure if it’s actually being played on MTV or BET. I have no way of knowing anyway not having cable TV.(It was either cable or high speed internet and I went with the latter, but I digress.) I originally saw this in a commercial for the Graduation album before its release and just took it as just a promo piece. At this point they might as well make videos for the other 7 tracks on Grad and release it on Blu-Ray. I’d happily buy that.

Seeing Takashi Murakami’s art in animated form makes me smile.


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