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Family Reunion by Kid Sister Feat. David Banner

September 28, 2008

What a great song to end the summer with. One last dip in the pool before you start getting your winter gear ready. Kid Sis and David Banner on the track(who sound like they’re having all kinds of fun) with Diplo on the beat putting me in a time machine and bringing me back to a summer of my teenage years.

Wait, what? I thought Kid Sisters debut was to be called Koko B. Ware?! Supposedly it is now entitled Dream Date. Lame. I thought I was gonna get my childhood wish of a rapper and/or hip hop album named after my all time favorite wrestler growing up as a kid. Fuck that. I haven’t even heard the album yet but I’m gonna have to deduct a few points for that.

“Family Reunion” by Kid Sister Feat. Davis Banner:


“You Were Wrong”

September 27, 2008

The best moment of last nights debate.

Obama came ready to talk about foreign policy! Talk that foreign policy! This was the one subject McCain should have wiped the floor with Senator Obama. Maybe if he didn’t suspend his campaign to go save the economy, he would have been better prepared.

Blu + Mainframe Are Johnson & Jonson

September 24, 2008

Blu is definitely one of the best emcees this coast has to offer. Blu & Exile make such an amazing duo and now Blu & Mainframe(Johnson & Jonson), seem to be going down the same path, albeit with a slightly different sound. With groups like Pac Div, C-San and Blu &(insert ill producer here). I’m praying for a west coast renaissance. I can’t believe there are this many west coast hip hop acts that I like at one time. Damn, the last time that happened was in the early 90’s.

The Beauty That Is KOF XII

September 23, 2008

If the graphics for the new King of Fighters game is proportional to the actual gameplay, it will be the greatest fighting game ever created by humans. Look at that flipping screen! The background characters, the detail, the colors, the character designs, the lovely hand drawn goodness. Good god, it’s 2D graphical Valhalla encapsulated in one screen shot. I might as well give SNK Playmore my $60 now cause I will buy this game, next gen system or not.

Ooohh, high definition sprites…*droooool*

We’ve sure come a long way since Karate Champ.

Mega Man 9 Limited Edition Box + NES Cart

September 22, 2008

This picture makes me cry tears of pure uncut joy. I’m at a loss for words, so read up about it on Kotaku or wherever you choose to get your video gaming news from. I think only 200 are to be made available through the Capcom online store. So if you are one of the few to be lucky enough to snag one, just know you’ll be a marked man among retro gamers worldwide. I just can’t type right now from all the wiping away of happy tears. *sniff*

Side Note: The NES Cart is just a replica and doesn’t really work in your Nintendo system.

Kiks Tyo x Yuko Ishida Carmine Tee

September 21, 2008

You know, I never really liked the Carmines. I remember them fetching big bucks on ebay and it always boggled my mind as to why anyone would pay an extreme amount of cash for a Jordan VII with that ugly maroon color in it. The only VII I ever really liked were the Olympics. I liked them so much I bought two pairs but in hindsight now that I think about it, they weren’t all that great either. I guess it was the hype and peoples excitement for them that made me like them so much.

I don’t even keep up with Jordan releases anymore but from what I’ve seen it seems all they release are Jordans that have 5 pairs of Jordans sewn together in some inhumane Frankenstein manner. That or they release those two packs were they make you buy two shoes and they always have one Jordan that everyone wants and then pack in a horrible pair of J’s no one wants. It’s like they have this list of all of the Air Jordan’s and Retro Air Jordans in every colorway on this list of top sellers and worst sellers and they pick one from the top and one from the bottom of that list and charge $300 for the whole thing. Yeah you’re getting two shoes but still. I don’t want to pay $300 for two pairs of shoes, only one of which I’m going to wear.

Wow, I actually remember when I use to be a Air Jordan fanatic but now, the only Jordan I ever plan on owning is the Black/Cement IV. They just released that in a double pack with the black XIX’s or “the basket weave Jordan” as I like to call it. Horrible. Just give me the fucking Retro IV without the XIX please, thanks.

Anyways, Yuko Ishida is hot. Kiks Tyo is dope. The tee is fresh(despite the Carmines). You know the deal, pre-order them here. Peace.

Delivery Man by The Cool Kids

September 19, 2008

Hey, new Cool Kids video! You know at first I didn’t really like this. It took a few listens of this for me to actually start warming up to it. The production on the song is aiight. The keys are sorta haunting, they definitely stay in your brain the rest of the day. Lyrically it’s Mikey’s verse that totally stands out in my mind. It’s absolutely retarded. Lots of memorable lines and is what ultimately sold me on the song. I’m feeling the random locales Chuck and Mikey rap in. Especially the one with them donning the white coats with stuffed animals on their arm Taxidermist style.

I just can’t wait for When Fish Ride Bicycles(“Delivery Man” won’t be on it by the way) to finally be released. I have to mention that a hip hop album titled “When Fish Ride Bicycles” is probably the coolest thing I’ve heard all year. Yeah, yeah it sounds off the wall and random and may come off pretentious and it sure won’t help The Cool Kids shake that “Hipster Rap” label, but you know what? Fuck it. Fuck it because I know when it drops it will be fresher than 90% of the hip hop albums that come out that year.

Kanye + Common + Lupe + The Cool KIds = Chicago is the NEW New York.

1 Year Ago Yesterday…

September 18, 2008

…I started the latest iteration of this blog. A Love Supreme Dreaming has been through many blogging platforms starting from Livejournal to Blogger then to Vox and finally finding a nice home here at WordPress. This is the longest I have had a blog at one place and I am actually pretty proud of the job I did keeping it up. I’m also very proud of how many hits I’ve gotten. It still blows my mind that that many people have actually seen my stupid, random, nonsensical posts about all the geeky things I’m into. Shit, it would even boggle my mind if just 50 people visited my site everyday…as you can see it doesn’t take much to impress me.

So here’s to a year of tireless media consumption(with semi witty commentary at times) and to many more years of recycling, repeating and regurgitating of information you can get at thousands of other sites just like mine but better. Thanks to everyone who has commented on ALSD!

World’s Colliding: Daryl Hall & Chromeo

September 13, 2008

Try to think of two musical artists who have absolutely no business performing together. Go ahead, I’ll give you a second to think…

Okay what did you come up with? Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates and Chromeo right?! You too?! I know right?! Weird huh? How odd is it that we both came up with the same fucking answer?! Unbelieveable. Anyways, this collabo did happen and the result is amazing. Respect goes to Daryl Hall for even considering such an obscure group like Chromeo to be on his Live From Daryl’s House show. And a huge shout out to Chromeo for being as big a Hall & Oates fan as I am.

I would’ve rather seen them perform “You Make My Dreams Come True” but that’s just me.

Love Lockdown

September 12, 2008

Wow Ye, another new album already? It seems Kanye is not resting on his laurels and is hard at work on his next opus entitled 808‘s & Heartbreak. Surprisingly Ye will be doing a lot more singing on this and I think I speak for the majority of people out there by saying that if there’s one thing the world needs more of, is rappers singing. Yup. Rappers not rapping, but singing. Vocoding and Auto Tuning with no sense of shame.

In his first single, “Love Lockdown” Kanye belts and croons his heart out and not once did I hear one rap line uttered. This scares me tremendously. Now I’ve doubted the Louis Vuitton Don before. Once on Late Registration when he released two horrible singles in “Gold Digger” and “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”. Also on Graduation when he came with “You Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. In the end both albums turned out amazing. I don’t know, I guess I just don’t like Ye’s choice in first singles. It’s kinda like he chooses the worst song on the album and releases it as a single so that the rest of the album shines. Whenever Kanye releases a first single it’s like he’s saying to me, “Hey check this song out, I bet you don’t like it. You hate it right? Well you’ll be glad to know the rest of the album is better than this! So go and cop that!” And I do and I end up loving it.

I was horribly wrong both times and it feels like deja vu all over again with him coming completely from left field with his latest single taking a cue from Andre 3000 singing his ass off Love Movement style. Will Ye go 4 for 4 with 808’s & Heartbreak? Or will he finally drop the ball? This time I’m gonna have complete faith in the man. After three classic albums, how can I not trust him? So I’m gonna be excited for the new album, *sigh* despite the singing.

“Love Lockdown” by Kanye West:

Man, listen to that auto tune during the chorus. It’s kinda like fingernails on a chalk board.

Oh and this is just for fun. I just crack up when I listen to this.

“Love Lockdown Pt. 2” by J. Silkk: