Official Girl by Cassie Feat. Lil Wayne

For fucks sake Weezy! You seriously need to put the vocoder down. Give it a fucking rest already! Please, Wayne…seriously, for the love of god, put…the vocoder…down! Now you’re getting Kanye to do it too!? Stop the madness! Please, just stop! Your annoying computerized Zapp & Roger voice ends this song on a completely shit-tastic note. I usually stop the song before that point anyway but still.

I never really liked Cassie. Actually, I was more…indifferent about her. Never liked any of her other songs but this one I have to admit is very good. The production is probably what lures me in the most with the beat done by Danja who seems to have his Timberland impression down to a science. On the beat and even down to his talking/singing parts. The song is written pretty well and is decently performed by Cassie. They could’ve given this song to anyone and I would’ve liked it the same. Anyways, fuck Lil Wayne, shout outs to Roger Troutman and Peter Frampton.


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2 Responses to “Official Girl by Cassie Feat. Lil Wayne”

  1. capntightpants Says:

    I agree, but let’s face it, T-Pain was the first guy using Auto Tune and now everyone wanna use it.

    And yeah, Danja’s got that Timbaland impression down to a science. Gotta admit, I like that sound he puts out. I’m not sure if that chorus is catchy enough to be the pop single Cassie wants, though. Waste of a beat, imo.

    Cassie can’t sing, but you gotta admit, she looks bangin in that two piece. Nom nom nom!

  2. Jero Says:

    Yeah but Weezy is making it acceptable for rappers to start singing with it and I’m not too happy about that. Cassie is definitely not ugly.

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