I Am A Music Nerd

I just had to share this. Click to enlarge:

Anyone else out there in the same boat?



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5 Responses to “I Am A Music Nerd”

  1. asad123 Says:

    I deeply despise Soulja Boy. http://asad123.wordpress.com

  2. Datty Says:

    I feel it but honestly I like that song Run Around song by Blues Traveler.

  3. Jero Says:


    Yup, we’re in agreement there. His new song “Donk” is from what I remember in Sunday school, one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


    Yeah, I actually really like John Mayer alot.

  4. capntightpants Says:

    (used to go by dphayce, but I moved sites and post more)

    I feel you to a certain point. Being an older cat (not too old, but slowly moving out of this generation’s hipness), it seems like all the radio crap has gone by the wayside.

    Souljah Boy and his ilk ain’t worth shit musically. But there’s some of that club music that definitely gets me moving. You know, the things you’d feel in the club, but not on your ipod.

    I guess I kinda moved out of that mindset where my music choice has become elitism. You know, as exemplified in that first panel. I used to be that dude.

  5. Jero Says:

    Hey what’s up man? I like your new blog title. Anyone referencing Firefly is good people. I agree, there are club stuff that comes out and I love like “Money In The Bank” or something like that but the majority I dismiss. Everything has its place.

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