Delivery Man by The Cool Kids

Hey, new Cool Kids video! You know at first I didn’t really like this. It took a few listens of this for me to actually start warming up to it. The production on the song is aiight. The keys are sorta haunting, they definitely stay in your brain the rest of the day. Lyrically it’s Mikey’s verse that totally stands out in my mind. It’s absolutely retarded. Lots of memorable lines and is what ultimately sold me on the song. I’m feeling the random locales Chuck and Mikey rap in. Especially the one with them donning the white coats with stuffed animals on their arm Taxidermist style.

I just can’t wait for When Fish Ride Bicycles(“Delivery Man” won’t be on it by the way) to finally be released. I have to mention that a hip hop album titled “When Fish Ride Bicycles” is probably the coolest thing I’ve heard all year. Yeah, yeah it sounds off the wall and random and may come off pretentious and it sure won’t help The Cool Kids shake that “Hipster Rap” label, but you know what? Fuck it. Fuck it because I know when it drops it will be fresher than 90% of the hip hop albums that come out that year.

Kanye + Common + Lupe + The Cool KIds = Chicago is the NEW New York.


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