Kiks Tyo x Yuko Ishida Carmine Tee

You know, I never really liked the Carmines. I remember them fetching big bucks on ebay and it always boggled my mind as to why anyone would pay an extreme amount of cash for a Jordan VII with that ugly maroon color in it. The only VII I ever really liked were the Olympics. I liked them so much I bought two pairs but in hindsight now that I think about it, they weren’t all that great either. I guess it was the hype and peoples excitement for them that made me like them so much.

I don’t even keep up with Jordan releases anymore but from what I’ve seen it seems all they release are Jordans that have 5 pairs of Jordans sewn together in some inhumane Frankenstein manner. That or they release those two packs were they make you buy two shoes and they always have one Jordan that everyone wants and then pack in a horrible pair of J’s no one wants. It’s like they have this list of all of the Air Jordan’s and Retro Air Jordans in every colorway on this list of top sellers and worst sellers and they pick one from the top and one from the bottom of that list and charge $300 for the whole thing. Yeah you’re getting two shoes but still. I don’t want to pay $300 for two pairs of shoes, only one of which I’m going to wear.

Wow, I actually remember when I use to be a Air Jordan fanatic but now, the only Jordan I ever plan on owning is the Black/Cement IV. They just released that in a double pack with the black XIX’s or “the basket weave Jordan” as I like to call it. Horrible. Just give me the fucking Retro IV without the XIX please, thanks.

Anyways, Yuko Ishida is hot. Kiks Tyo is dope. The tee is fresh(despite the Carmines). You know the deal, pre-order them here. Peace.


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3 Responses to “Kiks Tyo x Yuko Ishida Carmine Tee”

  1. eccoboy Says:

    I would have given one of my eyes for those shoes at age 9.

  2. Jero Says:

    Back then I would’ve too.

  3. banned Says:

    Okay I agree with you that jordan brand is pretty mutch forcing people to buy 350 dollar packs with 1 legit paor and 1 b.s. Pair but how the hell does that go in to the kiks tyo shirt and yould olympic VI or VII u said VII tho. But yeah how are you going to dis the main reason of that shirt it is legit the carmines are the best pair of 6s to be released

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