“You Were Wrong”

The best moment of last nights debate.

Obama came ready to talk about foreign policy! Talk that foreign policy! This was the one subject McCain should have wiped the floor with Senator Obama. Maybe if he didn’t suspend his campaign to go save the economy, he would have been better prepared.


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4 Responses to ““You Were Wrong””

  1. Kurt Says:

    Angry Old Man got served…

  2. Jero Says:

    ^At that moment yeah he did. Overall McCain did well last night but Obama took last nights debate. To me he was poised, respectful and stood his ground, while McCain was disrespectful by constantly having that smirk on his face while Barack was breaking him down as only a Harvard Law man can do.

    The one thing that made me cringe was when Obama, on a few occasions would start his side of the debate by saying “John is absolutely right…” and then going into his argument.

  3. Kurt Says:

    True. But that’s his style, and I actually like it. He finds a point where there’s agreement, then establishes where he disagrees. It makes him look more reasonable, more moderate. See, folks like us are going to vote for Obama anyway, he spends a lot of time reaching for middle-of-the-road folks who could go either way.
    That’s my personal take on it, anyway.

  4. Jero Says:

    Yeah I see why he did it and it does make him seem more reasonable, but I wish he just did it…less. Yeah, from the polls(as much as they matter) many middle of the road voters saw him winning the other nights debate. When it comes down to it, I think it all depends on voter turnout.

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