Love Lockdown by Kanye West(Video)

Uh! What son?! Ellen Degeneres exclusive for that ass!!! Man, she always breaks the hot new shit. I don’t know how I feel about this video. I respect it, the vision and the artistry behind it, I just don’t care for it. It’s Kanye in a house dreaming of tribal Africans. Yeah, I don’t quite get it either. Maybe it’s an analogy of his intense feelings of love and/or obsession for a girl…or maybe it’s just Ye dreaming of tribal Africans. I’ll go with the latter, it’s more fun.

Kanye says that the movie American Psycho was an inspiration for the video. Hmmm, I kinda see it in the muted cream colored set design and cleanliness of everything but not the part where the natives have bright neon glow in the dark paint all over their bodies. I do like the part of the video where Ye is sitting in the corner and as the camera pans out, there’s this 8ft African tribal warrior just standing there. A dude that looks like he could probably rip me or you in half without breaking a sweat if he wanted to. Man, if I ever needed a body guard, I’m hiring that guy.


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