Universal Mind Control

I hate Universal Music Group and how they don’t allow embedding of their videos. Lots of music videos I want to post but can’t cause of those fuckers. I just want to share your music so people can go out and buy it from you and make you more money. Assholes. So since I don’t have any visual stimulus to accompany this post, at least I can provide the audio and in words give you a play by play description of what the video is like and what I think of it as I watch it in real time. This will be great! Or not.

Okay let’s begin……..So I’m watching it right now and it’s very black and white. It basically looks like a “Scream” pt. 2 but cheaper, and with Comm Sense and P instead of Michael and Janet. Beat is very dope, very futuristic like. Sounds like something you would play while riding around space in your space ship picking up hot alien females whose otherworldly breasts dispense grape soda and Hawaiian Punch. Let’s get back to the video shall we? Uhhhhh it seems Pharrell has taken my idea of having a robot as his proxy. Lots of graphics in the background. Hype used tons of CGI. There’s some random words flashing across the screen. Lots of random shit. Ummm oh, I like Common in scientific nerd mode. That’s kinda cool. Is that robot wearing BBC? Pharrell’s metallic voice in the chorus is fresh. Well, that’s about it really. Hope I painted a pretty picture for you, if you didn’t like it blame Universal Music Group.

“Universal Mind Control” by Common Feat. Pharrell:

You can watch the video here. Enjoy.


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