Brooklyn Girls

Let’s get back into this slowly shall we?

I wasn’t up on this kid earlier due to me confusing him with ANTHONY Hamilton. I heard that Lacey Duvalle song he did and I immediately hated on it. Not because I didn’t like the song, I did like it, but I was like “What the fuck is Anthony Hamilton doing rapping?!” My world was being turned upside down, rappers were singing and now all of a sudden singers are grabbing the mic? What was next? John Legend freestyling over the “A Milli” beat? Fuck that. My rage was fueled.

Anyways, turns out they are two different people and Charles Hamilton is actually a pretty nice emcee. Definitely riding the nerd, hipster hop bandwagon and all that. It’s cool. Me being a gigantic geek myself, I gravitate more towards these guys anyway. Charles Hamilton’s rhyming is nice, the beat is aiight. I like the Lacey Duvalle cameo and the fact that they’re playing Sonic The Hedgehog in the background in that one scene. Ummmmm, yeah. Check it:

Working the phrase “Mamasay Mamasa Mamakusa” into a song scores extra points with me.


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