Merlin Mann

I tend to forget that this blog isn’t just about hip hop and street wear. It’s about nerdy things too, but most of the time there’s usually breaking news of some new remix with Lupe, or new crazy shoe release, or some limited edition Bape ear muffs that for some reason or another I feel obligated to post about. To make up for it, let’s get extra geeky and talk about someone I personally am a huge fan of.

Merlin Mann is a renaissance geek. He is a Macbreak Weekly regular, GTD extraordinaire and all around funny guy. His 43 Folders website is chocked full of productivity tips and tricks. His lists on 5ives are fantastic. He does The Merlin Show, That Phone Guy, Kung Fu Grippe blog, popularizer of the Hipster PDA. Oh and he’s working on a book too.

Let’s not forget that he, along with Lonely Sandwich and Scott Simpson, do arguably one of the funniest podcasts on the internet called You Look Nice Today. And if you had to follow just one person on Twitter it should without a doubt be standing8, but if you could follow two people, the second person you should be following is Merlin.


Here’s an interview with Merlin by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits:

Inbox Zero presentation at Google:

Time & Attention presentation at Google:

There, that should be enough geekiness for the time being.


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