Come Back To Me


To say I was surprised when I heard this is an understatement. It’s as if Utada called me on the phone and asked “Jero, what kind of song do you want me to make?” And I answered her by coming up with the following list:

-Go back to your R&B influenced roots.
-Don’t make it sound too techno J-Poppy.
-Make it sound like an R&B song from the 90’s.
-Sing it in english.
-Add a clap track.
-Add a part where you just talk in the breakdown.
-Soulful background singers during the chorus.


-Get a rapper to rhyme on it.
-Auto Tune

Okay, so at least she got to most of my requests.

“Come Back To Me” by Utada Hikaru:

I don’t know about the cover though. The picture is fine but something about the font looks off to me. It looks like some 12 year old photoshopped the title on there.


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One Response to “Come Back To Me”

  1. eccoboy Says:

    Unfortunately for me, none of the items on your list is what I like.

    The album will certainly have a rapper at some point, so all of your requests will be granted while I’m left out in the cold. But since this is what I expected I shouldn’t complain. I just didn’t expect the first single to be so damn soulful! This song is just a cookie-cutter slow jam that I’ve heard so many times before from every R&B female singer. But I will admit that it doesn’t put me off as much as Easy Breezy did when that released.

    I hope the entire album isn’t slow jams and club hits but has the same variety found in Exodus, and pray that I don’t hear any auto-tune. It’s strange when you think about how different Utada’s “western” music style and image is compared to her silly, j-idol personality portrayed on Japanese TV and in her music videos. Two different worlds.

    I love the cover photo (something about those hoodies….) but you’re right about the wack font. The last release (Prisoner of Love single) also had a poorly chosen text style. So the song is weak, the cover needs work, but have I already listened to “Come Back to Me” 20 times since it’s release and pre-ordered the Japanese version of the full length, expected to release several weeks before the American release at a substantially higher cost, and if anything like Exodus’ Japan release will feature additional, exclusive tracks? Yeah, right. Like I would do that.

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