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April 24, 2009

I think this is a cool promo for my absolute favorite(and only) television program I watch. Sweeps are coming up so I see ABC is pulling out the big guns reaching out to the urban market by enlisting Kanye to do a video for the show. An actual song on his album at that! I would’ve liked there to be cameos of Hurley, Jin and Desmond lounging in the background, or maybe Sun, Kate and that fine ass girl that played Naomi dancing around in bikinis. Maybe have Ye rapping on the hatch or by the three toed statue. You know, throw in some cool Easter eggs for the hardcore fans.

If they REALLY wanted to be next level, they should have had it so that when Kanye says the line “I’m a monster, I’m a killer.” have the fucking smoke monster come out and CGI it so that it would pour out a bottle of Cris into a glass and have Ye drink it! Bam! I would’ve given that one away for free! Is it just me or does that facial hair kinda make Jeezy look like a huskier version of Game?


I’ve Been Away

April 22, 2009

Filming a full length documentary about scaring birds on the beach primarily. We’re aiming for an late ’09/early 2010 release. It’s Earth Day today too so in honor of this occasion, I’ll post a teaser of said documentary. I find filming birds in their natural habitat(and us scaring them) quite fitting for today. Be back in full form in a bit.