Beef & Broccoli!

Watching this makes me all giddy inside, like how Nike commercials use to make me feel. This takes me back to the days of “Bo Knows…”, Mars Blackmon and Lil’ Penny. Nike ads always have an extremely high level of quality to them and this is just another example that proves that fact(Thank you Mr. Wieden, thank you Mr. Kennedy) . They captured Kobe and Lebron’s personality to perfection! Kobe’s isn’t too hard to personify as he’s the cool, calm, collected character, obviously the “straight man” in this comedic duo. But Lebron’s puppet persona? Wow, flat out nailed it!

You know, if looked at in a different light one could misconstrue overly, hyperactive Lebron following around Kobe high off of his mind on cocaine. Sure if you’re a basketball fan, you know that what Lebron is throwing around is rosin/chalk, but I wouldn’t think everybody seeing this commercial is aware of that. Eh, just an observation.

Absolutely love it when puppet Lebron yells “$20 dollar Chinese food!” and “Beef and Broccoli!”


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