Casa Bey

I like to play this game where when I first hear a song, I try my best to guess the producer of it. Then proceed to look it up to see if I’m right or not. I don’t wanna brag but I have a pretty damn good success rate. This time was no exception. From the sample used and the way it was flipped, I managed to narrow it down to two producers: DOOM or Madlib. Proud to say I guessed the right one. Alright, alright, that’s enough Hip Hop snobbery for today.

I’m always a sucker for simplistic yet artsy videos. Directed by Chike and Coodie who have directed another one of my favorites, “Two Words” by Kanye. I’m just hoping The Ecstatic will turn out better than True Magic and The New Danger, both of which I listened to once and since have been demoted to coffee table coasters.


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