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We Are Not Losers, We Are Lasers

June 29, 2009

It’s weird how rappers now have trailers for upcoming albums. The irony of advertising with something visual to sell something aural. Eh, I guess it’s not so weird. Anyways, I’m a Lupe fan, I like the message here and I am excited to hear the myriad of laser sounds that I’m sure will fill this CD. “Awww shit! Did you hear that Galaga laser sample son?! It was almost as fresh as the last song where he used the laser weapon sample from Gradius! Moai heads for the win kid!” Since this album is called Lasers, would it be out of the question to have Pharrell produce the entire album with that futuristic trademark Neptune sound?(PEW-PEW) Eh, doubtful but one can dream right?

You know, if I could be a laser I would want to be one of those cool lasers that shoot out of the eyes of mechanized sharks or something. I definitely wouldn’t want to be one of those stupid lasers that scans the price of items at a grocery store. That would fucking suck.

Lu Fiasco


The King Is Dead

June 26, 2009


Growing up, Michael Jackson was my world. I loved him. Every song I memorized, every album I purchased, every video I dissected. I was a fanatic at age 7. He was for me, my introduction to MUSIC and my love for it ever since I owe solely to him. Shortly after I heard of his passing, my mom(not yet knowing of the bad news) called me for something completely unrelated. When I told her that Michael Jackson had died, she surprisingly responded, “Huh? Michael?!”. I replied “Yeah.” My mom in shock took a second to collect her thoughts and said, “He was your favorite. Do you remember?” I said, “I know Mom. I remember.” And even though I stopped caring about anything he’s done past Dangerous, to some part of me, he’ll always be my favorite.

Pay your respects, the King is dead.

Mayor by Pac Div (Video)

June 25, 2009

Pac Div bringing something I personally wasn’t expecting. Retro throw back West Coast beat is straight, straight uhhh…how bout..def!(It’s about time “def” makes a return to commonly used Hip Hop lingo. I’ll start it’s resurgence here.) It’s taken awhile but I think the West has gotten back much of the credibility it lost those dreadful fallout years after Dre left Death Row and the G-Funk era up and left with him. Pac Div reassuring me that the left coast’s new class is definitely hungry. Check out “Shut Up” on The Pac Div EP produced by Cool Kid Chuck Inglish. My god, that track is more than worth the price of admission.

Pac Div

West Side

My Mellow, My Ace, My Dad.

June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day.

Mainstream: 1, Hipsters: 0

June 9, 2009

While something like this makes me despise the human race, this makes me hopeful for it. One of the best flash mobs I’ve ever seen. About 50 people doing the Typewriter in MC Hammer parachute pants to “Can’t Touch This” in a trendy hipster L.A. store. Awesome! Ugh! Take that stupid hipsters with your circulation cutting tight jeans wearing, Fixed Gear with no brakes bicycle riding, too good to shop at the mall, Morrisey listening asses! Score one for the mainstream! With our Hometown Buffet eating, adult softball team joining, no fashion sense having, buy a hot dog and an Icee while shopping at Walmart asses! We showed you!