Magnetic Arts By Mos Def + DJ Honda

“Travelin Man” by Mos Def and DJ Honda single handedly changed the course of my musical roadmap. Back in 97′, this was my first real introduction to underground/independent Hip Hop. If not for this very song, I’d probably be in the club wearing my white T-Skirt, popping my collar, getting Hyphy, doing The Soldier Boy(Yeah, I know this reference is played out already) with the rest of mainstream America and not the elitist music snob you have before you typing this. And for this, I thank you Mos Def and I thank you DJ Honda. From the bottom of my heart.

Ahhhhh, listening to this reminds me of the glory days of Rawkus.

“Magnetic Arts” by Mos Def + DJ Honda:



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2 Responses to “Magnetic Arts By Mos Def + DJ Honda”

  1. bisconti Says:

    Hi man! Exactly two years ago (on 29th December) I was looking for new music and I got to your blog, and I found very good music in your top-10-hip-hop-songs-of-2007. And I listened a lot that songs travelling overseas on 2008.

    Now… I’m searching for again new songs… you have good music on your blog… but you could do a Top 10 Hip Hop Songs for 2009. I will apreciate a lot.

    Greetings from Chile

  2. Gordon Gartrell Says:

    Hey man. Wow thanks for the nice words bisconti. Since 2009 is done and you posted this response during my break from this blog, I won’t do a 2009 edition and do a 2010 one. I post up songs here and there on this site as the year progresses, so you can compile those up if you want. But yeah, I’ll do another one by end of year. Greetings to Chile!

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