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I’m Good by Clipse Feat. Pharrell (Video)

August 9, 2009

(“I’m looking good.”)I give alot of shit to rappers that(“I’m looking good.”) talk about how rich they are(“I’m looking good.”) but whenever the song in question(“I’m looking good.”) is produced by The Neptunes, (“Yeah!”)I tend to give it a pass. (“Yeah!”)I mean it’s a fucking Pharrell beat. (“Yeah.”)What else are you gonna rhyme about? (“Yeah.”)

Pharrell, shut up! I’m trying to write here.

“I’m looking good…”



Happy Birthday Abbey, I Love You.

August 8, 2009

Abbey Road

Abbey Road, my favorite album from my favorite band of all time celebrates a birthday today. This album not only has the best Harrison song(“Here Comes The Sun”) It has two of the best McCartney songs back to back in “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “Oh Darling.” Oh and “Her Majesty” is the greatest 23 second song of all time. A song which I vow to one day learn on guitar.

What sets Abbey Road apart for me is from the start of “You Never Give Me Your Money” till the end of “Her Majesty”. Those sixteen minutes is my favorite sixteen minutes of any album I’ve ever heard in my life. It plays much like Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon in it’s seamless transitions and cohesive tone among the songs…but 4 years earlier! The two albums contrast heavily in mood but they both share a certain je ne se qua that when I hear one, I can’t help but be reminded of the other. Like in “Carry That Weight” where near the end of the song, it circles back around to “You Never Give Me Your Money”? It’s just like in DSOTM where towards the end of “Time”, it circles back around to “Breathe.” I’m totally serious. I think this is enough to give my opinion of Dark Side Of The Moon being directly influenced by the last 16 minutes of Abbey Road some sort of credibility. Don’t you think? Eh whatever. Maybe I’m just getting lost in my head.

Nevertheless, happy birthday Abbey.

Sample Clearance: M.I.A./The Clash

August 6, 2009

The Clash


“Straight To Hell” by The Clash:

“Paper Planes” by M.I.A.:

Cold Pillow by Theophilus London

August 5, 2009

“Cold Pillow” off of Theophilus London’s This Charming Mixtape. I’ve been listening to this song nonstop for the past couple of days. This would easily be one of the best songs to come out of 2009 if it wasn’t for the fact that it came out last year. I was late to the party and found out about it just a few days ago. I feel shamed. Easily the most notable thing about this track is that it’s produced by Ruckazoid aka Ricci Rucker of Ned Hoddings/Gunkhole fame. Oh and whose Asisphonics board I use to moderate with an iron fist way back in the day. Just sayin. Enough of the nerdiness, let’s get to the song.

“Cold Pillow” by Theophilus London:

Theo London