“Horn Synth” by Lupe Fiasco+Pharrell

With the first music related post I’ve written in 8 months I feel it’s only appropriate that it is one that involved Lupe and Pharrell Williams. Here we have a snippet of a song called “Horn Synth” which may or may not be from Lu’s upcoming album Lasers. Pharrell showing he can speed up the tempo and still preserve that signature Neptunes sound and Lu also demonstrating the ability to speed up his flow yet still remain coherent which many rappers fail to do.

But as fresh as I think this song is, Lupe still hasn’t done enough to make up for “Solar Midnight”, the song he did for that one Twilight movie. Fuck that noise, I regret even bringing it up. You know what? Forget I ever mentioned it. I will never speak of it by name again. Lupe, Twilight…never happened. Working with Chad & Pharrell is a step in the right direction Lu. Let’s stay on path. I’m gonna leave on that note and attempt to isolate the brain cells responsible for the memory of “the-song-that-will-not-be-named” and somehow try to permanently erase them from my brain.

“Horn Synth” by Lupe Fiasco Feat. Pharrell::


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