See You In Another Life Brotha…

For a television show to keep my attention nowadays is no easy task. One reason being that I don’t even have a TV. Okay let me correct myself, I do own a TV I just don’t get any channels coming through it. I didn’t go digital because I wasn’t home enough to justify even bothering with all of that. And I’m lazy. Basically my TV was used primarily for movie watching and playing my Playstation 3, both of which I didn’t do all too much because of school, work and my attempt at something that somewhat resembled some sort of a social life.

Lost was the one show that did draw me in. I was on the edge of my seat after every single episode. Well, not as much in Season 3, I don’t know what it was but to me it felt like the writers were just throwing shit against the wall during this period. It wasn’t until they officially announced an actual end date that they tightened up and got the show back on track. Still though, the “worst” season of Lost is better than anything else out there. Except Hoarders, I’ll watch an episode of Hoarders over half of the episodes in Season 3. That’s more a compliment to Hoarders than a knock against Lost though. Anyways, never have I obsessed over a show like this and I can’t be more happier that it’s bowing out on top. Six short but very sweet seasons. That’s how you do a quality television show right there.

Here’s my prediction on the ending:

They kill Man In Black by creating a “pylon cage” if you will, keeping it trapped and then positioning another few to blast right through it. Boom. Dead. I don’t know how but I have a feeling Ben will die(cause he’s a prick), Hurley will die(get everyones tears flowing). Leaving Jack, Desmond, Kate, Sawyer and Miles surviving. Jack, now with his Jacob like powers gets them off the island somehow. No more monster now, just Jack and the Island.

Then at the very end of the episode Jack wakes up one morning not as Jack but as Charlie Salinger, the character he(Matthew Fox) played on “Party of 5”. Coming to the realization that all of Lost was a dream. He goes downstairs and has breakfast with Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert who are all sulking cause their parents just died in a car crash.

Calling it.


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