“Papermill” by Madvillain

I don’t get exited over Hip Hop music like I use to. Every once in awhile a new single or an album that I’m looking forward to will come out but 8 times out of 10, I’m underwhelmed by it. Those few times I do get something worthwhile are great and it usually tides me over until the next time but these moments are few and far between.

These days there are only a few combinations of names and/or words that when put together incite an almost frenzy like excitement that harkens back to when I was in high school and at the height of my hip hop obsession. Two of those words are “Doom” and “Madlib.” Hearing these words in tandem makes me want to throw on a Rawkus t-shirt, put on my backpack and rant about how true hip hop is about lyricism while putting up “Free Mumia” stickers. Oh, how sweet a new Madvillain album would be right about now.

Well until that happens, Adult Swim has been releasing a track a week in a appropriately titled “Adult Swim Singles Program” where this week just happens to be a brand spanking new Madvillain cut entitled “Papermill.” Underground heads rejoice!

“Papermill” by Madvillain:

Download here.


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