“Power” by Kanye West

As much as I love Kanye branching off to do something different(808’s & Heartbreak), I’m ready for him to bring it back to what got him here in the first place.

The thing I find interesting is that his production style is such a far cry from his College Dropout days. His beats have a certain sound and quality that is exclusive only to him. If I’m on my game, I can pick out a Neptune, Primo or RZA track without batting an eye but certain Kanye tracks I wouldn’t believe they were his if you showed me actual video of him in the studio producing it live and in person. He makes songs that are grand in scale but they don’t seem like songs that can be radio singles. Yet they are. I don’t know, it’s hard for me to articulate. Think about it, what songs on the radio sound like “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” or “Love Lockdown” for that matter? Nothing. And what makes my mind explode is that he released these as his first singles! I honestly believe if it were anyone else in the world, no record company would release these songs as singles, let alone the lead off single to promote an upcoming album! I don’t know if that’s a combination of arrogance, dillusion with dash of retardation or if it’s simply genius.

It becomes apparent to me by the drums, the continuous clap track, the chanting, He’s once again going for the stadium anthem. I wouldn’t be surprised if this new album is filled with songs that will translate very well when performed live.

On a somewhat related note, and I have absolutely nothing to base this on but for some reason I feel Jon Brion had a hand in making this song. Which is very welcomed, by me at least. Single becomes available June 8th. I figure the new album becomes available sometime after that.

“Power” by Kanye West:

Edit: Long time commenter of this site(back when I allowed commenting) and all around cool cat @capntightpants informed me that this song is co-produced by @symbolycone and not Jon Brion who I thought maybe co-produced this with Kanye. Good look by @capntightpants who also has a Tumblelog, check it: …and now you become me.


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