Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

The name of my blog, my bio format and my avatar all have their origin from an old print ad by Turntable Lab which ran in the premier issue of Tablist magazine from nearly a decade ago.

It was back when I first started getting on the Internet and it was a time when I was signing up for various sites and had to fill in information for a bio or an “About You” section. I wanted mine to be different and when I first saw the ad, I just loved the way it flowed when I read it. So I went ahead and custom fitted the verbiage a bit to suit me, kept some things, added a few things and boom, it’s been the stock bio I’ve used ever since. I also took the last line of that same ad and just like that, I had a name for my blog. The dope avatar of 8-bit Mike Tyson that I use was an icon I grabbed from their old site before their huge site redesign a few years back. It’s been on every iteration of my blog, even way back when it was on livejournal.(I changed it to Mos Def towards the end but it was Iron Mike in the beginning)

Here is the ad I scanned from my issue of Tablist:

Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I suggest to anyone reading this to check them out and pay a visit to their hilarious blog TTL Con Estupido. I’ve been visiting Turntable Lab for ten years now. I’ve purchased and will continue to purchase from their lovely online establishment. After all, it’s the least I can do.

Turntable Lab


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