Scratching Is The Future!

Cleaning out my old room at my parents house I came across some interesting things from my past. I thought I’d post them up for archival purposes.

About 12 years back I was a scratch djing fanatic. “Making sounds with turntables is the future, man! Mark my words, this is the start of something new! You’ll see! You’ll all see!” I would say. Well, it turned out “scratch music” wasn’t the next big thing but at the time you couldn’t tell me otherwise. During my skratch music period, the Invisibl Skratch Piklz were the objects of that obsession. I collected anything with their name attached to it: Mixtapes, scratch practice tapes, Dirtstyle break records, episodes of Turntable TV on VHS, battle videos, you name it. I bought everything. Well, everything except a $400 ticket to Skratchcon. C’mon, I wasn’t THAT stupid.

Anyways, here are a few things I’ve accumulated:

Here’s an old issue of URB from 1998 when ISP adorned their cover. I’ve tried to look for a picture of this online and to no avail. I decided to upload mine for posterity’s sake. So if you start seeing this image online, chances are it’ll be my scan. Look at the top right hand corner with the crease. That’s my crease!

Here’s a small feature in XXL magazine. I don’t have the magazine anymore as I simply cut the page out and threw the mag away. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that.

How obscure is this? This is a little 20 page EA supplemental that came polybagged with an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly I bought way back in 98′. Basically it’s a mini sports magazine that has interviews, features and previews of EA’s entire 99′ sports line of games. Tucked in the very end of this mini mag, there lies a tips & tricks page where it tells you secrets you can unlock in your favorite EA sports game. One of these includes a secret for the game March Madness 99′, in which you can unlock a 3 minute video of Q, Mike and Shortkut by inputting the password: “ISP” or “Qbert”, then winning in Arcade mode. I haven’t seen it yet but I will soon, since I just bought March Madness 99 on Amazon for $5.

Hey, remember when the Wavetwisters DVD came out and you could buy a WT DVD cover signed by Qbert himself? All it cost was $10. Yeah, I bought one. Why? I have no fucking idea. The one kind of cool thing about the one he signed for me was he messed up signing his name and acknowleges it by writing “Oops, haha.” on it.


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