Monocle is one of the two resources I use to get my news. Basically it’s just the Associated Press RSS feed and Monocle. I try to stay as far away from American televised news as I can. Monocle represents the complete opposite of the in-your-face, scare tactics, yellow press journalism we’ve been sadly grown accustomed to here in the states. Monocles reporting is a breath of fresh air as it slows things down and takes a calculated, well thought out approach to stories that seem minutely irrelevant to most but works for a attention-to-detail geek like myself.

When I read Monocle, simply holding an issue is satisfying in itself due to a single issues sheer heft. It’s completely dense and packed with enough content to easily last you until the next volume. The magazine has fantastic paper stock, smells incredible and design wise always has a cohesive style and tone to it. It’s magazine execution at its finest.

While we continue to see numerous magazines die off on a monthly basis. Not only are they one of the few subscription based publications to stay afloat during the slow rise of digital media’s inevitable takeover, they manage to flourish.



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