My 2011 NBA All Star Lineup.

For posterities sake, here’s how I voted

Western All Stars:

Blake Griffin: C’mon, he’s arguably the most exciting player in the league. He’s the closest thing we have to a Vince Carter as far as dunking ability goes. Rookie of the year without a doubt.

Kevin Durant: He’s the league leading scorer. He’s fun to watch, he’s on a great team, he’s humble. He gets my vote.

Kobe Bryant: Ummm…it’s Kobe Bryant. Like Nas was to Rakim, he’s the 2nd coming of Jordan. But unlike Nas, Kobe not only has nearly caught up(stat wise) to his Airness but has a chance at surpassing him.

Eric Gordon: Gordon has had a fantastic year. I should know as he’s a star on my Fantasy Team so I know how he kills it nearly every night. Sadly for my Clips(and my Fantasy Team) he’ll be out for 3 weeks to an injury. But I still had to rep for my boy.

Emeka Okafor: I’m biased, he’s on my Fantasy Team. I could have picked Kaman but I think i’ve voted for enough Clippers. And plus, he’s injured anyway. So I opted for Okafor.

Eastern All Stars:

LeBron James: Aside from Blake, LeBron is the most exciting player to watch in the game. I hate the Heat but I still love LeBron.

Amare Stoudamire: He’s played amazing for The Knicks and brought them back to prominence. I was hoping that it was gonna be King James to do this but that obviously wasn’t in the cards. I didn’t expect him to take the Knicks this far so I have to give him credit.

Rajon Rondo: I admit I have a soft spot for assist leaders. But besides that Rondo has transformed his game drastically to what it was in the past and to make that transition seem as effortless as he does, deserves my vote. Oh and he’s the reason I never lose in assists in my Fantasy league.

Derrick Rose: He’s what Dwayne Wade was when he first came into the league. This is his best year yet and it seems like he’s only getting better. If you want a scoring point guard, there’s no one better.

Shaquille O’Neal: This is a Lifetime Achievement Award by me. I know I’m not suppose to vote on sentimentality but performance but I’m sorry, this might be the last time we see the ever entertaining Shaquille O’Neal in an All Star Game.


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