Help DJ Kool Herc.

I feel an obligation to help support the man who invented the very art that has been probably the biggest influence on my life.

“Like many artists and many Americans of every race and age, the father of hip-hop, DJ Kool Herc, is without health insurance. Because of this fact, a recent medical issue —— kidney stones that caused him internal bleeding and serious pain —— has become a financial crisis.

Herc will need additional surgery and medical procedures to become well. Yet the health care system has treated him as it has many uninsured patients —— using red tape and threats of prohibitive up-front payments to discourage him from seeking and obtaining the treatment he needs.

In order to help Herc deal with his health issues and mounting medical bills, the hip-hop community has come together to create the DJ Kool Herc Fund. We are asking that all who have enjoyed the culture and the movement that Herc created to donate whatever you can to ensure that this pioneer may heal.

He has given so much to make our lives better. Let us do the same for him.

We also know that many of hip-hop’s pioneers and artists, like many Americans, have faced and will continue to face similar circumstances. So we call on the hip-hop community to come together to figure out positive solutions around health care and to advocate on behalf of the artists who made this culture and movement the global force for change that it is.”

Help DJ Kool Herc


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