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Cadalack Ron.

March 4, 2011

I’m straight loving this dudes look. Last I checked, the homeless, strung out on heroin, Death Metal listening, southern confederate look hasn’t been done in Hip Hop yet. This guy is like Otto from The Simpsons come to life except instead of driving a school bus he participates and wins rap battles. Don’t let the look deceive you, his freestyle skills are legit. I’ll take this guy over The Far East Movement any day of the week cause fuck those guys. You see their new video? What a fucking steam of pile.

Oh yeah, my new thing is shitting on The Far East Movement in every post I write whether it relates to the actual post or not.


Jay-Z Signs Jay-E To The Roc

November 13, 2010

Five years ago I would’ve thought this to be a full-scale disaster. In the past Roc-A-Fella has signed many a artist only to have their album never seeing the light of day or never seeing too much success(see M.O.P., Ol’ Dirty Bastard, NORE) But nowadays I see Roc-A-Fella not so much as “IT’S THE ROC!” *holding up the diamond*, but just an entity that houses two of the biggest names in Hip Hop in Jay-Z and Kanye West. In 2010, you don’t really hear Jay repping the Roc every other verse like he use to, and the same goes for Kanye(cause he reps G.O.O.D. Music). It’s more about their art now than which label they represent. They both have come to a point where they ARE the brand. A brand that’s bigger than any company name at this point.

So the signing of Jay Electronica doesn’t scare me as much as it would have five years ago. The main reason I feel this is a good fit for Jay Elec is because of the way Kanye West’s career has taken. Ye is the biggest hip hop artist in the world right now(sorry Hov, it’s true). And the fact that Def Jam allows him to be as creative as he wants, is the exact same way I hope they handle Jay Electronica’s career. After hearing “Exhibit C”, I always thought “Man, a major should sign him, back him with money and give him free reign to execute his vision. He should get the “Ye treatment””(I just coined that). Let him take more artistic control from the gate.

For a while there, I was afraid Jay Electronica would just remain one of those artists that never see above ground. Whose music remains strictly on the interwebs lost in a sea of E-demos, Myspace mixtapes and $5 youtube music videos shot on a Sony hand held. I’m very excited to hear this news and hip hop should be too. It’s a far stretch to say that his career will pan out the way Kanye’s or Jay-Z’s has, but I feel the powers that be are trying their darndest to align the planets in the exact same way to give Jay Electronica the best chance possible to succeed. It’s a long shot but if anyone has the potential to do it, it’s Jay Electronica. And lightning has been known to strike twice.

My fingers are crossed.

Oh yeah, just kidding about that last post. Kidding about it being the end for this blog, not about me watching Korean variety shows like Star Golden Bell. Wow, Star Golden Bell and Jay Electronica referenced in the same blog post?! I’ll bet my life that this is the first and only time that will ever happen in the history of mankind.

Iron Mic Cypher

May 25, 2008

I don’t know why I keep watching these but all I know is they need to release them on a regular basis. I can’t even imagine the hours of hilarity they have stashed away somewhere in the back of a closet in some classroom. I want all of them complied on a DVD. Someone seriously needs to make that happen.

Check out J-Work who raps much differently than the way he talks, the Russian kid rhyming about getting his “GPA up to the sky everyday” and Son Dooby of Funkdoobiest’s half Asian son rapping last. My favorite thing about this has to be when we get to meet the rappers at the end of the video cause we’re treated to such entertaining words of wisdom such as:

“Okay, representing 06′, representing Russia…representing all of the acedemic P.I.M.P.’s out there. Whatever you want, I’ll represent you. If you got yourself a brain, or you from Russia, or you from 06…”

“What’s down ya heard me? It’s ya boy J-Work, ya heard me? Representing New Orleans. To the fullest. Class of 08′ freshmen. Ya heard me? We doing this little cypher thing ya heard me? You know I had to get…ya heard me, the rest of the class up in here, ya heard me, had to get it straight. The cypher. We gonna do it again, probably next year sometime cause you know this is the exclusive. Ya dig what I’m saying? So, ya heard me, that’s how it is we out…”

Ya heard me?

What’s Good? Kuala Lampur Grand Opening

May 6, 2008

Dope Distribution posted a video on the KL Grand Opening What’s Good? store. I love the Know1edge x What’s Good? tees and jeans designed by Bad Boy Ben with the fresh monogramme print.

Oh and I suggest to stop watching around the 2:30 mark unless you want to be exposed to some hardcore fierce asian rapping son! I don’t know who these cats are but they seem to have a guy that can rap in English ala Verbal. I wanna see these guys and the Teriyaki Boyz in a knife fight. A lyrical knife fight that is with words…then maybe a real one, with real knives. It would be funny cause neither crew will know what the other is saying so when one crew gets done rhyming in their respective language, they can then have their translators translate all of the disses. Oh yeah, apparently Jin is down with the crew and rhymes at the end of the video.

Duel of The Iron Mic, It’s The 52 Fatal Strikes

April 18, 2008

New freestyle emcee on the scene named Eli Porter. All I have to say is someone needs to sign this dude right now. Unsigned hype to the highest degree. Totally obliterates his opponent in what is sure to go down as the battle of the 08 season. This cat is so off the top of the dome, you can literally see him come up with his rhymes on the spot kid! When Eli’s looking up at the ceiling, you know he’s cooking up some marvelous shit to get your mouth watering…on some “Oh shit!”. His use of pauses are genius! Completely psyches out his opponent. I know it’s still early in the year but fuck it. Verse of the 2008 right here:

“I got one question man, tell me who next? This nigga salt let nigga who duh’ give ’em the best. See I’m the best mayne, I did it………oh………….ah……..ah…………………..

Yo, uh, yeah. Yeah, yo, see imma let you know who best, by the hour just like Rosie O’ Donnel, at a bi-sexual bridal shower. It ain’t nuthin to me man, I keep it fo’ real, look at this detal man with…dent on the grill see…I’m the best, I told you dat, this dude like that he running from the cat. Naw, I messed up but imma stay on top, they told me man but you know, I’m never gonna flop. Look at this dude, he need to stay in the shade, ain’t no wonder why he came out, he already in the gay parade. I told you man, I got you, roastin like ever, yall don’t know, but my rhymes, they straight up clever. So you step down, off the pedestal, I’m the best man, you need to go, to the fucking dental…” -Eli

This battle is the stuff of legend.

“Even when I say nothing it’s a beautiful use of negative space…” -El-P

Juice vs. Supernatural

December 29, 2007


I went into this heavily favoring Juice. I owned a few Wake Up Show Freestyle CD’s before buying this one and through listening to them, Juice became my favorite freestyle emcee. I didn’t think anyone could touch him. I had no prior knowledge of who Supernatural was, never seen him or heard him spit a line, nothing. I was in for a total shock. I remember my friend came down from Japan to visit and I had just bought this and we listened while riding around in the car. I distinctly remember us hearing Supernat proceed to dismember Juice with the craziest lines and us hollering in amazement stopped at a red light. “Oh shit! He just said ‘Fuck that shit, Supernatural’s your idol…’, how ill was that?!” We had to rewind certain parts several times.

In hindsight, now that I listen to it again, it wasn’t as lopsided as I had once thought. Juice really held his own and responded well with each comeback but it simply wasn’t enough on this particular night. When Nat summoned Biggie from the grave, it was over for Juice at that point.

Juice vs. Supernatural(Wake Up Show 9th Anniversary):

Sorry for the slightly shortened, edited version of the battle. If you want, just head over to the official Wake Up Show page for the real deal.

The Wrath of Kool Keith

September 30, 2007

Kool Keith

This is from the old Stretch & Bob Radio Show. Listen to this and see how hilarious Kool Keith is. As far as rhyming goes, he’s on another planet in a distant galaxy in a different universe in an alternate dimension. Don’t get it confused, Keith can eat up emcees, you’ll think i’m joking when you listen to the clip, but i’m absolutely serious. If you have listened to any of his albums, you know. Keith destroys emcees…and makes you bust a gut laughing at the same time. Check out how Mr. Pimp My Ride sounds completely boring and rehearsed compared to Keith. And X isn’t even coming off the top either, i’ve heard him use the same verses on other radio shows when asked to freestyle. Keith on the other hand is OBVIOUSLY coming off the top.

Kool Keith + Xzibit Freestyle: