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A Take Away Show Feat. Aloe Blacc

November 14, 2010

This is amazing. That’s all there is to it. As far as what I like personally, this is hitting on so many levels. I’m just gonna let the video speak for itself. I posted the second part of this because I particularly like “You Make Me Smile” and the cover of my favorite Bill Withers song “Use Me Up”. Part One is just as good so please check it out for the full experience.


Souled Out Sunday: Ex Factor

October 5, 2008

I adore this song. One of the few songs that really strikes an emotional chord with me. If Lauryn never makes another album again, I would be completely fine with it and satisfied with what I got. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is a an album of legendary proportions. She was(and still is if you ask me, listen to “How Many Mics?”) one of the fiercest female emcees to ever hold the mic. Someone who came from a successful hip hop group which sold millions world wide. She goes solo and releases a critically and commercially acclaimed debut album that won 5 Grammys. An album that was far from concocted for mass consumption. An album that was just as much hip hop as it was soul and R&B. An album which was at the time, the best encapsulation of every aspect of black music. To think this album has sold 20 million copies since it’s release is still so mind blowing to me. I remember a year after it came out I actually put it on my list of best hip hop albums of all time(it’s a prestigious list btw). It has since been dropped from it but that’s more due to other albums pushing it off than it declining in quality. I still find it just as genius as I ever did.

A black female who came from a hip hop group, who sung better than anyone and arguably rapped better than your favorite emcee, won 5 Grammys(nominated for 11), is married to and has 5 children with Rohan Marely, one of Bob Marely’s sons. I mean this is stuff of fucking legend here. Never will this story be repeated. Did she immediately follow up to bank on her success? Nope. She has yet to record a true follow up. Since then she has literally been under the radar, staying reclusive and raising her kids.

I’ve never heard a better song about breakup and the heartache that goes along with it. What puts this song over the top, for me at least, is the “Can It Be All So Simple?” sample by The Wu Tang Clan. She even starts the song with the line “it could all be so simple”, which I like to think is a definite nod of respect to the Staten Island collective.

“See I know what we’ve got to do. You let go…and I’ll let go too. Cause no one’s hurt me more than you, and no one ever will…”

Souled Out Sunday: Teenage Love Affair

May 18, 2008

Nostalgia is such a powerful thing. Do you remember talking late into the night about nothing at all? Conversations that went absolutely nowhere. All with the intent of getting some. As brainless as those conversations seem now looking back, I wouldn’t trade them in for anything in the world. Ah teenage love. Can it be that it was all so simple then?

Souled Out Sunday: My Boo

May 4, 2008

During my middle and high school years, I grew up in a place where there was no Hip Hop/R&B station. The best we had was a station that played Top 40 hits, basically all commercial pop stuff. So when I would take my yearly visits back to the Bay Area it was common for me to buy 10 blank cassettes and record all of the remixes, new songs, and late night DJ mixes I could so I could bring them back home and let all my friends borrow them and record them because like me, they were all from the Bay Area and in the same boat as I was and were also starving for music. And when another one of us would take a trip down there, we would just repeat the process.

This was my gem of 1996. I took a trip to San Jose for a few weeks back during my summer vacation. I remember hearing this song during the middle of it and freaked out! I was like: “I’m not going back without this.” I ran to my younger cousins I was staying with asked them who it was, they didn’t know. They were younger than I was so I gave them an order to stay by the radio and tell me when it came on and also to find out who was singing it. After a few hours of them staying by the radio(each of them at different parts of the house tuned to two different urban stations), and me spending those two hours playing their Super Nintendo, one of them ran to me and found out the name of the song and who sang it(“My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s) and not but a few minutes later the other runs to me and tells me she caught it and pressed record on the tape player.

It came out a few months later on the So So Def Bass All Stars Vol. 1 compilation. You know, the one with the ugly ass neon green cover. With the exception of “My Boo”, the CD itself sucked but back then buying CD’s for one song was common. What’s retarded was on the strength on that one song, I gave So So Def Bass All Stars Vol. 2 a shot. You know, the one with the ugly ass neon orange color. Bought it thinking there might be a song like “My Boo” on it and “Apple Pie” by Virgo kinda came close…kinda…..not really. But this version actually had better songs on it than Vol. 1 did.

Souled Out Sunday: Every Little Step

April 20, 2008

When I was 8, my older cousin Portia offered to buy me a tape and I remember she gave me a choice of either Stevie B. or Bobby Brown. I pondered over the decision and eventually went with Bobby and it has since been one of my favorite R&B albums of all time. I don’t remember exactly the order in which his many singles from Don’t Be Cruel came out in but I know a big part of it was due to this song. I really liked “My Perogative”, “Don’t Be Cruel” , I absolutely loved “Roni” and “Rock Wit Cha” but it was “Every Little Step” that made me not just want but need this tape in my collection.

A huge thanks to my cousin for being partly responsible in shaping my musical tastes.

Wow, high top fades are hardcore but crooked high top fades with a slope are next level.

Souled Out Sunday: No Question

March 30, 2008

My favorite song off of the self titled debut album by Allure. There are actually a really good number of songs that I like from this album but oddly I don’t ever play it much. “No Question”, “Head Over Heels”, “Last Chance”, “All Cried Out” are all great and with guests like Nas, Tip and Raekwon this album, on paper should be one of my favorite R&B albums but for some reason I just don’t care for it much. It’s one of those albums that when I do put it on I play it for a week loving it then back in the abyss that is my CD collection it goes.

“No Question” was the song that I always put on repeat. LL sounds just right over the Trackmasters beat. Speaking of LL, in the mid 90’s LL and the Trackmasters together was a certifiable hit. Back when he was rocking FUBU and one pant leg up even in the cold dead of winter.

Souled Out Sunday: Ready

March 16, 2008

Man, the beginning of this video is so damn corny. Whatever though. I remember I bought this single when it came out back in the day and yes, that is Lloyd when he was just a young tyke riding around in a damn mall on an motorized scooter. Despite the cornball factor of this video, the song I thought was really good. Yeah I recognize that it’s totally bubblegum pop but that’s why it’s so catchy.

I like how the guys called the girls to come down to the bottom floor to see them and when they do the guys magically teleport up to the second floor. Then they try to meet up again at the end and the girls go up the escalator at the same time the guys are coming down the escalator. Idiots. And Sammie seems to make much more than a cameo in this video. He appears like five fucking times throughout. It almost seems like he’s in the goddamn group. Get the hell outta there Sammie let the other kids shine, you got your own record deal.

“I KNOW! I KNOW! THEY’RE CALLED N-TOON!!!”-Ugh, horrible.

Souled Out Sunday: Fantasy(Remix)

March 2, 2008

What if Celine Dion released a new album and featured U-God on the lead off single? That’s how crazy this was. When I first saw the video for this, I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Cause up to this point in her career, Mariah Carey was basically an adult pop star. With songs like “Vision of Love”, “Emotions” and “Hero”, Mariah pretty much appealed to grown folks that watched Vh-1. You know, way back when Vh-1 actually played music videos.

Now around this time I was already a huge Wu-Tang Clan fan and was familiar with each emcee in the group. So when the Dirt Dog showed up at the beginning talking about “Keepin it real, son.” I flipped! I was like “Oh shit, it’s Mariah Carey……..and the ODB?!” Of all the Wu Tang members they could’ve chosen, they went with the oldest, dirtiest, raunchiest one of them all. Boggles my mind to this day. One of the many classic Bad Boy remixes of the 90’s.

“Me and Mariah, go back like babies and passifires…”

Souled Out Sunday: You Give Good Love

February 17, 2008

Wow, how many times in high school did I slow dance to this? It was so many times I lost count. I don’t know what it is about this song, but everytime I hear it I’m in total awe by Whitney’s singing. No one else on this planet can do this song like she can, this was made for her to perform. Sure she’s a little crazy and a tad scary now, but like Michael Jackson, I don’t like to think of the Whitney Houston of today, but the Whitney Houston of yesteryear. On my incredibly long, long list of favorite slow jams, this is easily top 5.

You fucked up Bobby.


Fuck you Ray J.

Souled Out Sunday: So Into You

February 3, 2008

So I have this list. It comprises my absolute favorite songs of all time, songs that span across all genres and all eras of music. Songs that I’ve listened to over and over countless times and never have gotten tired of. I’ve memorized these songs inside and out, every beat, every sound, every nuance. “So Into You” by Tamia is one of these songs. It’s perfect. This song came out back in 1998 so it’s now been ten years since its release and after literally hundreds of listens in those ten years, I still love it as much as the first time I heard it.

I hate Grant Hill a little bit more each time I watch this video.