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The Standing Eight(March ’09)

March 28, 2009

8. Mother 3: Gameboy Advance emulator with downloadable English translation provided by It doesn’t get any geekier than this.
7. Jesus Phone 3.0: MMS, check. Copy & Paste, check. Landscape keyboard, check. Video recording mmm…..possibly. Now just give me voice dialing, GPS turn by turn directions and we straight.
6. Connect, Politic, Ditto: Getting in touch with old friends is a good thing.
5. Tuna Barbecue from Mikuni: If you could eat something that was equivalent to heaven on earth, this would be it.
4. Head Porter Karabiners: If they made a Porter reusable grocery tote bag, I’d pay whatever it cost to get one. Oh wait, they did make one.
3. Positive, Social, Contagion: New Staple Spring/Summer 09 line is out!
2. Where The Wild Things Are: My second most anticipated movie of 2009.(It only falls short to Inglorious Basterds) Spike Jonze is the only one who could do this movie in my eyes. Watch the amazing trailer.
1. Love The World>I.R.I.N.A.: Officially this is my favorite song at the current moment but secretly, on the low-low, it’s really this.

Have A Nice Day


The Standing Eight(May ’08)

May 18, 2008

8. Moleskine Paper: Using my Moleskine again after a 6 month hiatus.
7. Amphilophus Labiatus aka The Red Devil: Farewell to my five Clowns(The Furious 5) who wouldve grown way to large for my tank anyhow. They’re in a better more suiting home now. Hello to my solitary baby Red Devil.
6. 3G: If the next gen iPhone does indeed come out within the next few months and AT&T somehow manages to sell it for $200, I will have a new iPhone. If it’s anymore than two bills, I’ll definitely pass. I mean more than likely I’m gonna pass. Probably gonna pass on it…maybe. Maybe.
5. Man Up: There comes a time where you gotta just do it.
4. NBA Playoffs: The most television I watch all year. I live for the playoffs. Here’s hoping for a Lakers/Cavs or a Lakers/Celtics Finals. Go Clippers!
3. Canon G9: Before I go to Japan, I will have to get this camera. With custom grip and thumb rest.
2. P3: Fes vs. Arcana Heart: Should I buy Persona 3: Fes and Arcana Heart even though I have no time to play them? Play magazine gave P3 a perfect 10 and Arcana an 8.5, so my choice will be obvious if I decide to get one.
1. Staring Contest: I don’t care the outcome. Regardless if you win or lose, challenging Jessica Alba in a staring contest is always a win/win in my book.

The Standing Eight(April ’08)

April 7, 2008

8. Secret Invasion: The first issue was very good. Left me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the second issue. “He loves you…”
7. Moms: I haven’t posted as much as I normally do and that is due to my Mom recently suffering a mild stroke. So much of my time has been spent in the hospital with her as of late. I’m hoping for a speedy and successful recovery.
6. Final Fantasy V: Finished Rogue Galaxy and now my sights are set on heading backwards through all of the Final Fantasy’s I haven’t had the chance of playing yet. I hear V is the best of the bunch. The job system is similar to the one in Tactics which I like very much.
5. Internet Crazes: I’m a little late to the game, but click here.
4. San Francisco: Trips to Japantown always make me happy. On The Bridge chicken curry was amazing as always.
3. Beard Papa: The cream puffs are much larger than I thought. They are nearly the size of a small fist.
2. Jay Electronica: Jay Electronica. Jay Electronica. Jay Electronica.
1. “Kimi No Hitomi Koishiteru” by Kyoko Fukada: I can’t…stop…watching…this…video.

The Standing Eight(Mar ’08)

March 8, 2008

8. Glowing in the dark: I predict these seats to be on the crappy to mediocre but I would’ve really regretted not going to this concert.
7. Rogue Galaxy:
Good story, awesome character design, fun gameplay. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Level-5 is the new Square Enix.
6. “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make…”:
My favorite line from my favorite album of my favorite band of all time.
5. Franken Berry:
If there was a “Cereal Battle Royale”, when all the dust settles, Franken Berry would come out on top.
4. Shinya Arino:
My copy of Gamecenter CX DVD 1 is on it’s way to me as I type this.
3. Ponyo On A Cliff:
I’m already preparing myself for this to be the last Miyazaki film.
2. “Day ‘n’ Nite” by Kid Cudi:
1. Williams Vs. Han:
“When it comes, I won’t even notice…”. Jim Kelly is such a badass.

The Standing Eight(Feb’ 08)

February 10, 2008

The Standing Eight:

8. No Country For Old Men: Javier Bardem’s character, Anton “Sugar” Chigurh is one of the scariest character I’ve ever seen in a movie.
7. Retronauts Podcast:
Retronauts is one of the geekiest podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I love it. I recommend listening to the Neo Geo, Secret of Mana, Street Fighter and Sega Saturn episodes.
6. Naruto Shippuuden Episode 46:
I’m glad we’re not in a “filler” period. It’s all main story, for now.
5. Vegetable Samosas:
I could gladly eat 20 of these in one sitting if I wanted.
4. Getting all of my characters to level 99 on Final Fantasy VI:
Not nerdy enough? Okay how about having each character learn every single spell in the game? Okay, NOW your “Nerd Meters” should be going crazy.
3. “You’re Gonna Get It” by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings:
2. Debating whether or not I should go bald again:
It’s just easier and cheaper this way.
1. Kim Ha Neul:
I just finally watched “Too Beautiful To Lie” and I’m in love with her all over again.
Kim Ha Neul

The Standing Eight(Jan’ 08)

January 10, 2008

The Standing 8:

8. Macworld 2008
7. Too Beautiful To Lie on VCD
6. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2 on DVD
5. “The Eraser” by Thom Yorke
4. Sim City on the SNES
3. Chipotle Burritos
2. Back issues of Gamefan on eBay
1. “ぼくはくま” by 宇多田ヒカル


Top 8 horrible names to name a baby:

8. Jeeves: Guess what he will grow up to be? *cough* butler *cough*
7. Lucious: Cause it isn’t the 17th century.
6. Richard: Cause people will call him “dick” when he grows up.
5. Dick.
4. Aloicious: I doubt I will EVER in my lifetime meet someone named “Aloicious” and if I did i’d have to make him my best friend. Why? Cause how many people do you know that can say the phrase “yeah, me and Aloicious are cool like that.”
3. Any name that rhymes with the kids’ last name.
2. Lando: Unless your familys last name happens to be “Calrissian”, dont name your kid Lando.
1. Gaylord: I dont even have to elaborate.


A hall of fame pitcher, fame and more money then I will ever dream to have and I STILL wouldn’t trade lives with Mr. Perry. It’s like getting dissed every time someone says your name.