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Magnetic Arts By Mos Def + DJ Honda

July 27, 2009

“Travelin Man” by Mos Def and DJ Honda single handedly changed the course of my musical roadmap. Back in 97′, this was my first real introduction to underground/independent Hip Hop. If not for this very song, I’d probably be in the club wearing my white T-Skirt, popping my collar, getting Hyphy, doing The Soldier Boy(Yeah, I know this reference is played out already) with the rest of mainstream America and not the elitist music snob you have before you typing this. And for this, I thank you Mos Def and I thank you DJ Honda. From the bottom of my heart.

Ahhhhh, listening to this reminds me of the glory days of Rawkus.

“Magnetic Arts” by Mos Def + DJ Honda:



We Are Not Losers, We Are Lasers

June 29, 2009

It’s weird how rappers now have trailers for upcoming albums. The irony of advertising with something visual to sell something aural. Eh, I guess it’s not so weird. Anyways, I’m a Lupe fan, I like the message here and I am excited to hear the myriad of laser sounds that I’m sure will fill this CD. “Awww shit! Did you hear that Galaga laser sample son?! It was almost as fresh as the last song where he used the laser weapon sample from Gradius! Moai heads for the win kid!” Since this album is called Lasers, would it be out of the question to have Pharrell produce the entire album with that futuristic trademark Neptune sound?(PEW-PEW) Eh, doubtful but one can dream right?

You know, if I could be a laser I would want to be one of those cool lasers that shoot out of the eyes of mechanized sharks or something. I definitely wouldn’t want to be one of those stupid lasers that scans the price of items at a grocery store. That would fucking suck.

Lu Fiasco

The King Is Dead

June 26, 2009


Growing up, Michael Jackson was my world. I loved him. Every song I memorized, every album I purchased, every video I dissected. I was a fanatic at age 7. He was for me, my introduction to MUSIC and my love for it ever since I owe solely to him. Shortly after I heard of his passing, my mom(not yet knowing of the bad news) called me for something completely unrelated. When I told her that Michael Jackson had died, she surprisingly responded, “Huh? Michael?!”. I replied “Yeah.” My mom in shock took a second to collect her thoughts and said, “He was your favorite. Do you remember?” I said, “I know Mom. I remember.” And even though I stopped caring about anything he’s done past Dangerous, to some part of me, he’ll always be my favorite.

Pay your respects, the King is dead.

Mayor by Pac Div (Video)

June 25, 2009

Pac Div bringing something I personally wasn’t expecting. Retro throw back West Coast beat is straight, straight uhhh…how bout..def!(It’s about time “def” makes a return to commonly used Hip Hop lingo. I’ll start it’s resurgence here.) It’s taken awhile but I think the West has gotten back much of the credibility it lost those dreadful fallout years after Dre left Death Row and the G-Funk era up and left with him. Pac Div reassuring me that the left coast’s new class is definitely hungry. Check out “Shut Up” on The Pac Div EP produced by Cool Kid Chuck Inglish. My god, that track is more than worth the price of admission.

Pac Div

West Side

Walking On The Moon by The Dream (Video)

May 29, 2009

If I were a musician and had to be in music videos, my number one rule would be: NO SPECIAL EFFECTS. Anything with special effects doesn’t really age well. In fact the more time that passes, the worse it looks. You figure that 200 years from now, people will look back at our current CGI and it will be like if we watched a movie where spaceships were just miniature toys hanging on a string with someone in the background making flying sounds with his mouth. Apparently in the future(2085 to be exact), people will dress like bikers with studded black leather vests and wear glasses with dozens of mini solar panels on them. What depresses me most about this video is that even this far into the future, people will still be wearing fitted caps with that goddamn 5150 sticker on them.

Make no mistake, I love this song. The chorus is dope, the beat is nice and Kanye’s verse is cool, but this damn video, ugh. Horrible. This is one of those videos where in 20 years, The Dream is gonna look back and shake his head in shame. All the spaceships, futuristic clothing, the outdated effects will make him wonder what the fuck was he was thinking.

Oh yeah, The Dream looks like Just Blaze.

Watch the video here.


Casa Bey

May 14, 2009

I like to play this game where when I first hear a song, I try my best to guess the producer of it. Then proceed to look it up to see if I’m right or not. I don’t wanna brag but I have a pretty damn good success rate. This time was no exception. From the sample used and the way it was flipped, I managed to narrow it down to two producers: DOOM or Madlib. Proud to say I guessed the right one. Alright, alright, that’s enough Hip Hop snobbery for today.

I’m always a sucker for simplistic yet artsy videos. Directed by Chike and Coodie who have directed another one of my favorites, “Two Words” by Kanye. I’m just hoping The Ecstatic will turn out better than True Magic and The New Danger, both of which I listened to once and since have been demoted to coffee table coasters.


April 24, 2009

I think this is a cool promo for my absolute favorite(and only) television program I watch. Sweeps are coming up so I see ABC is pulling out the big guns reaching out to the urban market by enlisting Kanye to do a video for the show. An actual song on his album at that! I would’ve liked there to be cameos of Hurley, Jin and Desmond lounging in the background, or maybe Sun, Kate and that fine ass girl that played Naomi dancing around in bikinis. Maybe have Ye rapping on the hatch or by the three toed statue. You know, throw in some cool Easter eggs for the hardcore fans.

If they REALLY wanted to be next level, they should have had it so that when Kanye says the line “I’m a monster, I’m a killer.” have the fucking smoke monster come out and CGI it so that it would pour out a bottle of Cris into a glass and have Ye drink it! Bam! I would’ve given that one away for free! Is it just me or does that facial hair kinda make Jeezy look like a huskier version of Game?

Shit Popped Off

March 1, 2009


I need Dre back. I need there to be balance. I need both coasts to be strong again. With the rise and dominance of the south, it feels like Hip Hop is on the verge of bottoming out and collapsing in on itself(if it hasn’t already). With a mere stroke of his hand, the good doctor can single-handedly bring the left coast back to proper form. I haven’t been obsessed with a west coast album since Doggystyle and The Chronic!(The Chronic 2001 didn’t do it for me) That was nearly 20 years ago! It’s been waaaaay too long. *sniff* I need to love again. Please Doctor…just make me love again.

“Shit Popped Off” by T.I.(Produced by Dr. Dre):

Kiks Tyo Sneaker & A Girl Vintage/Cloud Tees

February 21, 2009

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..Zzzzzzzzzzz… Huh?! What?! *yawn* Oh, yeah…New Kiks Tyo “Sneaker & A Girl” tees. These just don’t garner the same excitement as they use to. Long gone are the days of Aki Hoshino and it seems Hypebeast geeks haven’t been the same since. Nevertheless, pre-order them here and here. Now let me go back to sleep.

Shanadoo Vintage

Shanadoo Vintage 2Yuko CloudYuko Cloud 2

Welcome To Heartbreak

February 20, 2009

At this point in his career Kanye can do whatever he wants and it will be automatically validated. He’s gone far enough from the typical formula without any sort of real negative reaction that now the rules don’t apply to him anymore. C’mon, dude has been rocking a black mullet. A black mullet!(Black mullets are the new corn rows, I’m calling this shit right now.)

Kanye, Cudi, Welcome To Heartbreak. Here you go: