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Kiks Tyo Sneaker & A Girl Vintage/Cloud Tees

February 21, 2009

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..Zzzzzzzzzzz… Huh?! What?! *yawn* Oh, yeah…New Kiks Tyo “Sneaker & A Girl” tees. These just don’t garner the same excitement as they use to. Long gone are the days of Aki Hoshino and it seems Hypebeast geeks haven’t been the same since. Nevertheless, pre-order them here and here. Now let me go back to sleep.

Shanadoo Vintage

Shanadoo Vintage 2Yuko CloudYuko Cloud 2


Hello Akitty

September 4, 2008

Look what came in the mail the other day.

Hoshino AKitty Tee

July 20, 2008

It’s finally here. Is this the last Kiks Tyo + Aki Hoshino collab? If it is, what a great way to go out. Pull harder little doggy, pull harder! Pull with all your might! Get your pre-order in while you can. I got mine.

The End Of An Era

July 18, 2008

Looks like Kiks Tyo have themselves a new femme fatale to focus all of their attention on named Yuko Ishida. Sadly the Hoshino reign is over but it will always hold a special place in my heart cause she was the first. The new tees look dope enough but none I would get cause you all know my rule against wearing shirts with a particular shoe on them. You’re trying too hard when you match the shoes on the shirt and you look absolutely stupid when you don’t match them. Nevertheless, we’re gonna miss you Ms. Hoshino.

One things for sure though, Kiks Tyo sure knows how pick em. Let’s all swoon together at the new girl shall we?

Sorry I’m a little late, I have to catch up.

Kiks Tyo + Aki Hoshino + Yone: On The Street/With Sneakers Tees

April 11, 2008

New fresh Aki tees by Kiks Tyo are available for pre order. More images taken from Yone’s “Sneaker Lover” photo book and DVD. Do I want them? Yeah, but I’m saving my pennies for a couple of the Hoshino/Hello Kitty shirts that start coming out soon. Man, I love the way Aki looks in the “On The Street” tee, she’s so unbelievably not ugly. Now if only she were holding a pair of Infared Air Max 90’s, I would’ve added one to my cart before I even typed this.

Pre-order ends April 21st so grab them here while you can.

Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino x Hello Kitty

March 24, 2008

True story. Back in middle school I would steal all things Sanrio from the Hallmark store for my then girlfriend. I would specifically swipe for her anything Keroppi cause he was her favorite. I’m not even gonna lie, I kinda grew to liking them too and would steal Badtz Maru for myself. Now after 15 years, I can finally revisit my love for Sanrio by buying up these Kiks Tyo/Hoshino/Hello Kitty tees. They will be released in the coming months in various colors.

Kiks Kitty

I don’t like Hello Kitty in green. She should always be in red.

Kiks Kitty Green

I wouldn’t wear pink but I do like the color of this shirt.

Kiks Kitty Pink

I think I have a new favorite Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino shirt. This will be mine:

Aki Kitty

Kiks Tyo + Aki Hoshino + Yone: On The Bed/At The Beach Tees

March 14, 2008

New fresh Aki tees by Kiks Tyo are available for pre order. More images taken from Yone’s “Sneaker Lover” photo book. They’re really nice photographs by Yone. Very hot, very sexy but I don’t know, I think I’d rather stare at them while rubbing one out in the privacy of my own home rather than actually having the pictures on a shirt out in public buying groceries. That’s just me though.

Pre order ends March 23rd so get your order in here.

Aki On The Beach

Aki On The Beach2

Aki On The Bed

Aki On The Bed2

Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino x Yone

January 31, 2008

Famous Japanese photographer Yasumasa Yonehara has collaborated with Kiks Tyo and Aki Hoshino for six limited edition “Sneaker Lover” photo print shirts. These prints are taken from the photo book of the same name. The first two tees, “In The Closet” and “Bathtub” are available now for pre order.

Aki Yone

Aki Yone Bath

These two tees are pretty nice, nothing I absolutely need to have but the thing that piques my interest is that once you purchase one of these your name is automatically added to a drawing to receive a new Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino Kubrick(Blue Version) limited to 300 pieces.

Aki Kubrick

Four more shirts are coming from this collab, so I’m hoping the Pink Version will get raffled off when they become available.

Aki Kubrick Pink

Aki Hoshino x Kiks Tyo AJ I

December 13, 2007

Hey look another Kiks/Aki post! Bet you weren’t expecting this. Love this shirt, it looks amazing and only comes second to the Aki Dunkle tee as far as my favorite looking Kiks/Aki tee. I want it but I didn’t get it because I have this weird thing about wearing a shirt with a shoe on it if I don’t own the actual shoe. I don’t own a Jordan I in that colorway(I sold my patent leather pair years ago) so I think it would look really funny wearing that shirt while NOT wearing that shoe. It’s not even a matching thing, I just think wearing this shirt with Neon Air Max 95’s(or ANY other shoe) would be a little too “Hey everyone! Look at me! I’m a sneaker collector! Weeeee!” for me.

Yeah my reasoning is totally ridiculous and geeky on many levels, but whatever though. Oh well, I had to blog it with the pics so at least I can gawk at the beauty that is Aki.

Aki AJ I

Aki AJ I 2

Aki Hoshino Kubrick Tee

November 8, 2007

My wallet can’t handle all the goodness Kiks Tyo has been releasing as of late. This shirt is no exception. Aki Hoshino in Kubrick form on a tee, do I really have say anything else? I was lucky enough to get my order in before they sold out.

Hoshino Kubrick

Hoshino Kubrick Close 2