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July 2, 2009

Once every generation a talent appears on the scene and takes it by storm. I’m not talking about your typical storm you get once a year which make you go, “whoa, this is the worst storm this year.” No, I’m talking about those once in a great while storms they talk about in like The Bible where it rains down frogs and lasts for months on end and drowns entire cities. This man has quite literally reinvented the comedic wheel AND makes it an even more functional wheel by making it…rounder, I guess. Whatever.

Anyways, if you’re ready to laugh your dicks off then strap yourself in and get ready for the comedic stylings of RAAAAAAAANDY. Be forewarned, you will laugh so hard and find this so funny that everything after this point in your life will lose all humor. No hyperbole here. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to humans.