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Nigo + Hiroshi Fujiwara

March 12, 2009

$100 bills were being used exclusively as Kleenex tissue and toilet paper during this photo shoot. The influence in this picture is immense. The pillars of Japanese street wear. Nigo + HF. Hypebeast nerds should build a shrine surrounding this photo and kneel and pray to it on a daily basis. Recognize the gods.

Nigo + HF


Awww Shit…

January 31, 2009

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

Bape Online Store

Work That

January 23, 2009

I know I’m a tad late on this but I can’t just not talk about it. So what’s the final verdict? I think it’s absolutely horrible. The beat is lame, the chorus is as plain as it gets and I despise Chris Brown so there’s yet another point deducted. The only saving grace I guess, is the bouncing asses. I’ll give it that at least. Overall, still a crappy song.

I’ll probably still get the album though.

Why the fuck is Verbal wearing a Viking helmut? Is that the new new? Bape Viking Helmuts?

A Bathing Ape by Nigo

January 2, 2009

A trip to San Francisco always means a visit to Kinokuniya book store and a visit to Kinokuniya book store means money disappearing from my wallet. I decided not to buy my usual issues of Street Jack and Bape catalog and instead, went ahead and picked up this hefty beauty.

A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape 3

A Bathing Ape 4

A Bathing Ape 2

Happy New Years!

Baby Milo x Mario Tees

November 2, 2008

Cliff Edge has in new Bape tees featuring arguably two of Japans most famous icons. Milo and Mario. Normally I would have purchased these before posting this blog but in today’s dire financial times, I just don’t have the money to even begin to imagine spending $175 on a shirt. These are much better than the Milo x Spongebob collab tees, but not nearly as cool as the Milo x Hello Kitty ones, that’s just me though.

I’m 100% positive these will be gone by morning, economic crisis or not. I’ve always said that that Street Wear heads are not unlike crack heads. I’m guessing the same people that bought up the Mario x Milo Nintendo DS’s for $600 a pop will quickly snatch these up without a second thought. So if there are any left by the time you read this, cop em here.

Everybody Nose Remix Video by CRS

August 8, 2008

The first unofficial Child Rebel Soldier video? “Everybody Nose(Remix)” video directed by Hype Williams. I like the 8-bit retro video game theme with the Donkey Kong and Galaga backgrounds. Lu and Pusha both have their lyrical prowess on display here while Ye and Pharrell simply overwhelm the track by their sheer egotistical presence. Check out the cameo by Nigo, who is the unofficial silent 4th member of CRS…..kidding.

I want that Trilly And Truly crewneck.

A Bathing Ape Spring/Summer 08

May 10, 2008

A little late on this one. The last of my Kinokuniya purchasing. Bape Spring/Summer 08 Collection showcasing upcoming pieces to be released, most of which are out already. Oddly enough I particularly like the kids section(Speaking of which, why is this in here anyway? Shouldn’t this kind of thing be reserved for the Bape Kids Catalog?) where they show young Japanese tykes decked out in outfits that cost more than my rent. Enjoy.

Click on pics to enlarge:

Warp April 2008

April 26, 2008

Another one of my Kinokuniya pick ups, last months issue of Warp which features Nigo, Pharrell and the Boyz on the cover. Warp seems to be more of a mixture of fashion and music whereas Street Jack is straight fashion. The cover is nice and glossy and I particularly like the layouts and pictures throughout the issue. I really like the black and white two page spread of Nigo and P.

Some other things to note: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Big-O, some new Phenomenon and W-Taps pieces are also featured in the mag.

Click on the pics to enlarge.

Foot Soldier

April 17, 2008

I haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in a very long time. There was a point in time in my sneaker collecting days where I was buying two, three pairs a week. Now it’s more like one or two a year. So I made it a point that when I do buy, I go all out. So I did and got a pair of Bapestas.

Bape x Nintendo DS Line

April 16, 2008

I’m just gonna let the video speak for itself.