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Baby Milo x Mario Tees

November 2, 2008

Cliff Edge has in new Bape tees featuring arguably two of Japans most famous icons. Milo and Mario. Normally I would have purchased these before posting this blog but in today’s dire financial times, I just don’t have the money to even begin to imagine spending $175 on a shirt. These are much better than the Milo x Spongebob collab tees, but not nearly as cool as the Milo x Hello Kitty ones, that’s just me though.

I’m 100% positive these will be gone by morning, economic crisis or not. I’ve always said that that Street Wear heads are not unlike crack heads. I’m guessing the same people that bought up the Mario x Milo Nintendo DS’s for $600 a pop will quickly snatch these up without a second thought. So if there are any left by the time you read this, cop em here.


Comme Des Garcons Play Tee

April 7, 2008

So one night a couple of week back I was messing with the controls of my watch and accidentally set the alarm for 1:00 AM in the morning. It’s been going off for a few weeks and wakes me up every damn time. Still haven’t figured out how to work this god forsaken watch which was forged in the depths of hell. I feel like throwing it over a bridge into the ocean but it’s so evil that even if I did, it would probably magically reappear on my dresser as it mocks me laughing as it continues to wake me up night after night for the rest of my life on this earth and into eternity.

The one positive to come from this is it wakes me up around the time Cliff Edge updates their site. So it went off some time last week and woke me up around the normal time and decided to check and to my surprise, saw that the Comme Des Garcons tee(from their “Play” line) I’ve been wanting to buy for so long was restocked!

Add to cart. Confirm order. I love my watch.