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November 6, 2008

Okay, I’m officially on board now. This happens all the time with me. I truly believe Kanye releases the weak songs as lead singles and saves the gems for the people that buy the album. Purposefully making me doubt him, then making me kick myself for doing so when it finally comes out. Besides “Through The Wire”, every lead single from a Kanye album has been my most hated. “Love Lockdown” from 808’s & Heartbreak being no exception, even though I think I hate the song “Heartless” even more. But after hearing “Coldest Winter”, “Robocop” and now “Anyway”, I’ve gone from complete disgust and skepticism to utter joy and anxiousness.

“Paranoid” has a total 80’s feel to it which further supports my theory of Hip Hop/R&B is in a sort of 80’s renaissance whereas the 90’s heavily sampled the 70’s, now it’s the decade of hair bands, auto tuning and Aquanet to which contemporary urban music owes its sound to. It’s all one big cycle, but I digress. Despite all the shit I’ve talked concerning 808’s, from what I’ve heard of it so far, this one really seems to stick to the intended theme. My guess is this album will have it’s serious moments but not take itself too seriously with a kind of a tounge-in-cheek undertone throughout. It is a highly successful rapper singing his heart out after all.

I can feel the leak coming soon. Keep an eye out.

“Paranoid” by Kanye West:



Coldest Winter

October 25, 2008

Yeah, I like this. I like this alot. The beat is interesting, it’s sung decently by Kanye I really dig the chorus especially when the drums kick in,. I actually heard this a week ago but didn’t post it cause it was a shitty radio rip and I thought that crackling that happens throughout the song was some sort of anti piracy measure. I thought it was as if they were saying “if you download this you’ll have to deal with this horrible annoying machine gun sound throughout the song as you listen to it, enjoy.” Turns out it was actually apart of the song and ironically, I like that part of the song now. No, I’m not drinking the Kool Aid just yet, 808’s & Heartbreak still has quite an uphill battle to win me over but this is a nice start.

Best thing about this song? No auto tune.

“Coldest Winter” by Kanye West: