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Come Back To Me

January 23, 2009


To say I was surprised when I heard this is an understatement. It’s as if Utada called me on the phone and asked “Jero, what kind of song do you want me to make?” And I answered her by coming up with the following list:

-Go back to your R&B influenced roots.
-Don’t make it sound too techno J-Poppy.
-Make it sound like an R&B song from the 90’s.
-Sing it in english.
-Add a clap track.
-Add a part where you just talk in the breakdown.
-Soulful background singers during the chorus.


-Get a rapper to rhyme on it.
-Auto Tune

Okay, so at least she got to most of my requests.

“Come Back To Me” by Utada Hikaru:

I don’t know about the cover though. The picture is fine but something about the font looks off to me. It looks like some 12 year old photoshopped the title on there.


“Do You”(Remix) by Ne-Yo Feat. Utada Hikaru

December 3, 2007

Definitely a Utada Hikaru fan, Ne-Yo…..not so much. He’s okay, i’ve definitely heard worse from contemporary R&B artists that are out nowadays. To say that this collaboration really took me by surprise would be the understatement of 2007. Nevertheless, it’s a very good song and I’m really liking this duet and i’d be lying if I said that Hikki’s* involvement wasn’t the main reason for that.

*Wow, i’m not even gonna begin to explain just how geeky me referring to Utada as “Hikki” is.



“Do You”(Remix) by Ne-Yo Feat. Utada Hikaru: