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Jeff Staple: The Accident

May 14, 2010

This is one of my favorite videos. Despite not owning many Staple Design shirts(I have a few but most unfortunately run too big for my liking) they remain one of my favorite brands. Here Jeff Staple tells his story from the company’s humble beginnings to how it came to be the creative force it is today.

He speaks on everything from designing covers for Rawkus Records in the late 90’s, the Pigeon Dunk, collaborating with Hiroshi Fujiwara on iDiom, and his retail store Reed Space. It’s a lengthy video but well worth the time as far as I’m concerned. Absolutely inspiring.


Nigo + Hiroshi Fujiwara

March 12, 2009

$100 bills were being used exclusively as Kleenex tissue and toilet paper during this photo shoot. The influence in this picture is immense. The pillars of Japanese street wear. Nigo + HF. Hypebeast nerds should build a shrine surrounding this photo and kneel and pray to it on a daily basis. Recognize the gods.

Nigo + HF

Fuji Rod

May 26, 2008

I don’t post about shoes too often. So when I do find one that tickles my fancy(Did I really just say that? Tickles my fancy? Wow.), it’s kinda a big deal…to me at least cause I really don’t get too excited over shoes like I use to. If you can read Japanese, head over to Honeyee and read more about the Nike SB Fuji Rod. I like the simple design and colors used. The rainbow on the heel is very fresh and the pastelle yellow and gray are a nice touch. Comes out on May 31st but really, what does it matter? Chances you’re not gonna be able to track a pair down and if you do it would be difficult to obtain a pair without paying an astronomical price for it.

Nike SB + P-Rod 2 + Hiroshi Fujiwara = I want it.

Click to enlarge:

Star Bape Search

February 23, 2008


SBS Logo

Found this on Hiroshi Fujiwara’s blog on Honeyee. Okay, so I don’t know what Star Bape Search is exactly(If only I could read Japanese) but by my guess is it’s an Americal Idol/Star Search type competition but with Nigo and Pharrell possibly judging the talent. I assume the winner would get a record deal with Bape Sounds, get some tracks produced by the Neptunes, have a Teriyaki Boy featured on their first single and have access to all of the Bape gear they want. I can already hear the millions of Hype Beasts rehearsing their dance routines right now.

I wonder what Ed McMahon is doing nowadays?

P and N


Got this from Pat, who was so kind enough to provide more info on the competition and auditioning process:

“I have the application from the star Bape search podcast. It also says you have to be female of course, between 18-26 and not already signed to a recording deal. Also musical genre and nationality doesn’t matter so basically anyone can apply as long as you’re in Japan. You can apply from overseas.

So basically they’re not just looking for someone to sign to their label. They’re looking for a singer based in Japan who’s going to make it all over the world. Kinda what BoA was supposed to for Korea except she went to Japan and never left.

The first step is to send your application. There are 3 ways to do this:

1) Mail in the application form, 2 pictures and an audition tape to “A bathing ape”, the address is on the application.
2) Hand it in to someone in one of the official “bape” stores.
3) You can apply online.

The application deadline is April 30, 2008. They will choose 10-15 people from all the applications they receive. Those 15 will go on the first “examination” (i’m guessing they go in a sing). From those 15, 5 will be selected and they have to go in and sing a second time. The final 5 will then have to sing for Nigo and Pharrell and they will choose the winner. That person is supposed to debut this year.”

The Star Bape Search site also has an english translation now.

Honeyee x Fragment x Nintendo

February 20, 2008

Honeyee DS

Honeyee DS 2

Wait, WHAT?! Are you fucking serious?! First, if you know me you know my Nintendo DS is my video game platform of choice as I haven’t made the jump to next gen console gaming just yet. I absolutely love it. I’ve played Tetris Online more than any other game in the last year or so and I just recently spent nearly 60 hours playing through FF VI for what seems to be the 14th time spending those last 10 hours maxing out the levels on all my characters. So many cool games, online play and it’s region free and import friendly. I simply adore my DS, it’s my nerd weapon of choice.

Second, you’re telling me, that Hiroshi Fujiwara collaborated with Nintendo to create a Honeyee/Fragment DS Lite? Honeyee ranks #1 on my favorite sites-that-I-can’t-even-read list cause minus the blogs by Jeff Staple, Eric Clapton and John Mayer(among a few others), the site is pretty much all in Japanese.

This is THE holy grail of all things geek and street. I just don’t know how to react right now, my mind is totally blown. I don’t care if this thing costs more than a solid gold PS3, I want one.


Pharrell Can’t Skate, Neither Can Lupe and Fujiwara Can’t Ride Fixed

November 16, 2007

Inaccurate statements on shirts:

Skateboard P Can’t Skate

Lupe Can’t Either

Hiroshi Can’t Ride Fixed