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Haru’s: The Fried Chicken Kings.

February 25, 2011

Hey guys remember Street Wear? Remember that? Man those days bring me back. I think it would be a fun idea to look back at Street Wear when it was still the “in” thing, you know for nostalgias sake. And to serve as a cruel reminder to myself how how much money I spent on those clothes and more importantly, how stupid I must’ve looked in them.

Here’s a Swagger shirt I bought which featured Iggy and Big-O of the Japanese rap group Shakkazombie(and co-owners of Swagger)and Lupe FIasco. I wanted to get the white version of the shirt but all that was available through my endless searching was the gross neon yellow one. But more important than the color, was the fit as it would’ve been nice to get one in my actual size. The shirt I ended up getting was way too long.(The particular site I ordered from was one that didn’t display the measurements of the garment) It was so long in fact when I tried it on before I put on any pants, it looked like I was attending a birthday slumber party for a 9 year old girl.

I sold it shortly after that and now looking back at the pics I took of it for the eBay auction(that tag next to my shirt is my eBay user name) I still really like the art on it and think it holds up as one of the best designed shirts of this last “Street Wear” era.

Lupe Fiasco


Cover of Lasers by OAK.

January 20, 2011

Speaking of Lasers, the video for “Words I Never Said” looks promising.

Lupe Fiasco

The Show Goes On By Lupe Fiasco.

December 28, 2010

N.E.R.D., then Ye and now Lupe? In such close proximity of one another? Nice. As much as I herald and praise Kanye’s latest effort, I need something that packs a little more punch lyrically and I think Lasers will be just what I need. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before but the hook on this is taken from Modest Mouse’s hook on “Float On”. I felt stupid for not catching that sooner. Old age will do that to you.

The Art of G.O.O.D. Fridays

November 14, 2010

Starting some weeks ago, Kanye announced G.O.O.D. Fridays in which he released a new song available for download every friday until Christmas. I loved the cover art for the singles so much I’ve compiled them here. I’ll continue to add upcoming artwork to this post as they come out. I know it isn’t New Years yet but I’m gonna make an early resolution for 2011 and that is try to go five posts without having one be about Kanye West.(Right now it’s tough as his album is coming out in two weeks you see)

Sample Clearance: Weldon Irvine/Lupe Fiasco

May 15, 2010

“Morning Sunrise” by Weldon Irvine:

“Dear Fall” by Lupe Fiasco:

Oh and here’s Jay’s version “Dear Summer”. It actually preceded Lu’s version but for some stupid reason, I can’t get the file to play so I’m linking to it.

“Dear Summer” by Jay-Z:


“Horn Synth” by Lupe Fiasco+Pharrell

May 6, 2010

With the first music related post I’ve written in 8 months I feel it’s only appropriate that it is one that involved Lupe and Pharrell Williams. Here we have a snippet of a song called “Horn Synth” which may or may not be from Lu’s upcoming album Lasers. Pharrell showing he can speed up the tempo and still preserve that signature Neptunes sound and Lu also demonstrating the ability to speed up his flow yet still remain coherent which many rappers fail to do.

But as fresh as I think this song is, Lupe still hasn’t done enough to make up for “Solar Midnight”, the song he did for that one Twilight movie. Fuck that noise, I regret even bringing it up. You know what? Forget I ever mentioned it. I will never speak of it by name again. Lupe, Twilight…never happened. Working with Chad & Pharrell is a step in the right direction Lu. Let’s stay on path. I’m gonna leave on that note and attempt to isolate the brain cells responsible for the memory of “the-song-that-will-not-be-named” and somehow try to permanently erase them from my brain.

“Horn Synth” by Lupe Fiasco Feat. Pharrell::

We Are Not Losers, We Are Lasers

June 29, 2009

It’s weird how rappers now have trailers for upcoming albums. The irony of advertising with something visual to sell something aural. Eh, I guess it’s not so weird. Anyways, I’m a Lupe fan, I like the message here and I am excited to hear the myriad of laser sounds that I’m sure will fill this CD. “Awww shit! Did you hear that Galaga laser sample son?! It was almost as fresh as the last song where he used the laser weapon sample from Gradius! Moai heads for the win kid!” Since this album is called Lasers, would it be out of the question to have Pharrell produce the entire album with that futuristic trademark Neptune sound?(PEW-PEW) Eh, doubtful but one can dream right?

You know, if I could be a laser I would want to be one of those cool lasers that shoot out of the eyes of mechanized sharks or something. I definitely wouldn’t want to be one of those stupid lasers that scans the price of items at a grocery store. That would fucking suck.

Lu Fiasco

Shining Down

May 19, 2009

Lupe’s definitely not one to chase the radio or the clubs. Haven’t listened to this enough to articulate a full opinion just yet. It’s cool, I like it. I can’t really tell because the quality is such ass but has Lu also sold his soul to the devil and adopted the use of auto tune? Ugh. I bet Roger Troutman has spun so many times in his grave, it’s not even funny.

And what sounds like a cross between fingernails on the chalkboard and 1000 screeching birds dying in unison(which starts at the beginning of the second verse) I’m safely assuming won’t be on the song. Blame that on the horrible Ustream rip. I’ll post up a better non shitty sounding version when I get one.

“Shining Down” by Lupe Fiasco Feat. Matthew Santos:

Lupe Laser

Cold Dust Girl by Hey Champ

October 18, 2008

I love this new crop of contemporary new wave-ish sounding songs. The kind of songs you would hear at a club in the 80’s while everyone did lines of coke and distributed AIDS to each other. I had no idea who Hey Champ were until I saw this and apparently they have just been signed by Lupe Fiasco’s own 1st & 15th record label. I don’t know, but whenever non Rap/R&B acts sign with Hip Hop labels, it never really goes well for them.

I perused their Myspace page and immediately dug “Cold Dust Girl”. The rest of the songs featured on there are kinda whatever but this one’s a keeper. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Sample Clearance: Lupe+Sway/Aretha Franklin

August 23, 2008

“Until You Come Back To Me” by Aretha Franklin:

“We Love You” by Lupe Fiasco Feat. Sway: